10+ Heartwarming Stories That Show The Unconditional Love Of Dogs

Amy Pilkington 10 Feb 2019

What would humanity do without dogs? They are the most caring, cuddly, wonderful creatures ever.

Not to knock other popular pets. I loved the chinchilla I had in high school, but I'm under no illusion that it would have noticed if I got hurt.

1. But dogs are special. Dogs show us unconditional love.

Reddit | IrrelevantPancake

That's why they make such wonderful therapy animals.

"My service dog is trained to respond to anxiety," explains Reddit user IrrelevantPancake, "One of the ways he responds is by making you hold his paw."

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2. Of course, they don't always understand boundaries.

Reddit | snoogykinz

It's impossible to be mad at them for things like this, though. Like, we may roll our eyes and laugh every time they pull something like this, but deep down we love them to pieces for it.

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3. It's not just humans that they show their love to either.

Reddit | maju_guedes

When Redditor maju_guedes's mother found some starving puppies in the street, the family dog insisted on watching over them 24/7. It's the same way a person might care for a lost child.

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4. When you're sick, dogs always seem to know just how to help.

Reddit | L337v1n337

It's said that when a person is sick, dogs can smell the changes in body chemistry. This means that they often know even before you do and are happy to provide medicinal snuggles.

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5. They'll even try to cheer you up by sharing the things they love with you.

Reddit | radowanhabib

Whether it's a dirty sock, a gooey, half-chewed rawhide bone, or their favorite plush toy, doggos love to share.

It's hard to stay sad when those eyes are looking up at you.

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6. This is Eddie. He's a Hospital Therapy Dog.

Reddit | StuffyUnicorn

According to Reddit user StuffyUnicorn, Eddie can be found in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and always carries his bag of toys.

It's unclear if the toys are for him or the children. Probably both!

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7. And then we have Tony, the sweetest, most caring pupper ever.


When his human fell while pruning a tree in the yard, Tony stayed with the unconscious man until the paramedics arrived. He laid atop his human, keeping him warm as a neck brace was put on.

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When his owner, Jesus regained a bit of consciousness, Tony gave him a couple reassuring pats.


He also tried to ride with Jesus in the ambulance, but wasn't allowed.

Thankfully, Jesus' injuries weren't serious and they were quickly reunited. Good boy, Tony!

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8. One Reddit user told the story of an adventure gone awry on a mountainous slope.

Giphy | Show Dogs Movie

"My parents told me our dog saved my life when we were on a family trip in the mountains, hiking up to a waterfall," Crasht3st wrote on an AskReddit thread.

"I tripped and started to slide off the side of the path under the hand railing, and our dog, a large rottweiler, grabbed my by my coat and pulled me back right before I would have fallen down a steep bank into a fast moving river. "

He's not the only dog to save a life!

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9. Another told Ollie's story, "I was 4. A dog had seen me and went for me. I was helpless, about to get my throat ripped out..."

Flickr | Time Grabber

"Suddenly my own dog stepped in and attacked the other dog, tearing at him. My dog was hurt, but that gave me enough time to get my older brother, who hit the attack dog with a branch, and drove away the other dog.

Needless to say, Ollie always got a part of my steak whenever we had it during dinner for the rest of his life."

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10. Zack, the intuitive pup that he is, saved some kids from a fatal fate.

Unsplash | Aaron Burden

Redditor kaetherial wrote, "One lazy fall afternoon I was sitting in my backyard with my mom on my childhood swingset with zack and jazzie (dogs) talking.

Zack started to get very emphatic about going for a walk or at least leaving the backyard quickly. We ignored them and continued to chat for awhile but he got more and more agitated so eventually we figured we'd walk down the block with them."

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"We were about 50 yards away from my house when we heard a massive crack and a huge boom."

Stuff | Felicity Reid

"Turns out one of the large trees in our backyard had died and a giant branch had snapped and fallen. The branch COMPLETELY destroyed the swingset.

It would have crushed us if we hadn't gotten up. Always thought he must have known something was amiss because it was pretty out of character the way he was acting."

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11. "Was walking towards a highly venomous snake that was coiled up and hissing at me when I was a toddler."

YouTube | Peatbridge

"My Doberman ran in front of me and headbutted me so I'd stay down while she barked for my mom, who came and picked me up a few seconds later," wrote Redditor, applenerd.

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12. "Friend gave her dog an empty peanut butter jar last night and he shared it with his stuffed puppy.

Tumblr | heyfunniest

To be honest, this saved a soul just by being more considerate than 90% of human beings.

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13. Blox was named after being "as dumb as blocks," but she proved herself to be smarter than everyone thought — and saved a few lives in the process.

Giphy | evite

"One night, Dan's little brother was at Dan's house with a bunch of other people, myself included, for a party," said a Redditor.

"We partied well into the wee hours of the morning, I left around 3am to go home. Dan's brother stayed and crashed out in the basement."

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"Dan's brother is a nice guy, but... This moron lit a candle next to a bottle of shower cleaner (propellant) and a shower curtain (wick) and fell asleep with it lit."

Giphy | Robert E Blackmon

As Dan's home became engulfed in flames, Blox ran to his room and jumped on him until he awoke from his "booze-soaked slumber." Once he realized what was happening, he bolted outside, Blox chasing closely after — but she wasn't done yet.

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"Dan's moron brother was trapped in the basement — Blox had some kind of doggie-sixth-sense, and she knew he was in trouble."

Wikimedia |

"She stood at the top of those stairs, flames singing her fur, smoke filling her lungs, barking nonstop" until Dan's brother could find the exit and escape.

Every single person made it out alive."

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Tumblr | manuxinhace

These good boys or girls definitely sense what comfort means, and how to best comfort their non-furry friends.

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