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8+ Grocery Store Hacks That Will Make Shopping A Breeze

Emily McWilliams 25 Feb 2019

Grocery shopping is such a conflicting experience.

One the one hand, it means that I get to buy food, and I looove food. On the other hand, it means I have to brave the crowds and navigate the aisles. Every. Single. Week.

These lifehacks will make your weekly shop a little easier so that you can focus on the good stuff (food!) and manage more challenging aspects (AKA carrying all those bags into your apartment).

Make a list.

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It's so simple, but having a list will stop you from making impulse buys and keep you focused on what you actually need. This will save you money and avoid indulging in unhealthy foods.

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Hang up your bags in the cart.

Reddit | Souljuuh-The-Gamer

Apparently, grocery carts have had hooks to hang up your bags this whole time and no one told me! This is life-changing information.

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Use a key if you forgot a coin for your cart.

Reddit | Tomnomnomas

Some Reddit users have tried this and said it works! Of course, make sure you take your key with you when you're done shopping.

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Invest in this cart clipboard.


Keep your phone, calculator, coupons, and shopping list organized with this smart clipboard that will clip to your cart. Why did it take so long for someone to invent this?

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Hang up drink packs on the edge of your cart.

Reddit | B_rad_hyko

Packages of bottled drinks fit nicely over the side of your grocery cart and will free up a lot of space. So smart!

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Don't buy non-food items unless you know they're a deal.

Unsplash | Phuong Tran

Pharmacy and pet items can cost you more at the grocery store since they know people will pick them up out of convenience. Check your flyers and make two trips if you can to save money!

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Try a Mighty Handle.


If you need a helping hand when it comes to carrying your groceries, you can pick up one of these Mighty Handles from Amazon. No one likes making more than one trip from the car, right?

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You can also try a large carabiner to help you with carrying grocery bags.

Reddit | dollartaco

Pick up a large carabiner clip for a DIY solution to help you carry multiple bags at once.

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Buy a cup holder for your cart.


I always like having a coffee when I make my weekly grocery run, but there's never anywhere to set my cup down. Thankfully, someone invented this coffee holder specifically for carts. Genius!

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