Former Deputy CIA Director Makes Surprise Cameo In Game Of Thrones Episode

Emily Reily 24 Apr 2019

CIA's Twitter account revealed that a very special person made a cameo appearance on Sunday night's Game of Thrones, Episode 8: "A Knight Of the Seven Kingdoms."

Second Career?

Former Deputy Director David S. Cohen, who served in the CIA under President Barack Obama, appeared as a citizen of Winterfell, the castle in the North that's also the Starks' home.

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Known As a 'Financial Batman'

Wikimedia |,_The_Seven_Kingdoms,_Westeros.png

Cohen was deputy director there (at the CIA, not Winterfell), from 2015 to 2017.

Cohen first started working for Obama in 2009 as assistant secretary for terrorist financing in the Treasury Department. The Daily Mail writes that Cohen's math acumen labeled him a "financial Batman."

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Crossing the Realms


Whoever runs the CIA Twitter account had a little bit of fun in announcing the appearance:

"A perk of working for CIA is world travel. Apparently that sometimes extends to other realms…"

" 'Little birds,' be on the lookout for a former deputy director of ours wandering through #Westeros in tonight’s episode of #GameOfThrones."

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Who's More Cross?

Twitter / @jedallen

Whether he's a former CIA employee or some nondescript character appearing on GoT, Cohen looked confident and determined to do the job at hand.

Someone thought Cohen looked much like that yellow-skinned, unibrowed, orange-nosed buddy Bert in the scene, but Cohen looks far more focused. Bert is just angry.

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Cohen Knows It Was a Big Deal

Giphy | Game of Thrones: #PrepareForWinter

The Cohen cameo was outed by Playboy correspondent Alex Thomas, who posted his findings on Twitter.

Cohen later retweeted the CIA's message, taking every advantage of his moment in the sun.

"Way to blow my cover!" Cohen wrote.

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