Photos So Vivid It's Hard To Believe They're Real

Rae Batchelor 26 Apr 2019

Life is filled with amazing things to see and look at, and sometimes they are so amazing it's hard to believe they truly exist in the world. These photos are vivid and bright and so incredible you won't believe that they haven't been photoshopped. Perhaps these photos will get you out and trying your own hand at photography.

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1. The world looks a whole lot bigger from an ant's perspective.

BlogLovin | Blog Lovin

This little ant version of Atlas is pushing their version of the cosmos around their world, and to us it would be so small we could hardly see it.

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2. You never realize how much depth there really is to an iceberg until you see it from this angle.

LifetimeRoads | LifetimeRoads

This gives some meaning to the phrase "just the tip of the iceberg!" It's amazing to see what's laying just under the surface.

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3. Real life yin and yang.

Pinterest | lamutamu.com

What a striking use of these models' skin tones.

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4. It's amazing what we miss when we aren't looking.

Inspired Magazine | Inspired Magazine

Another tiny, peaceful moment. Something about this picture is so calm. We could all stand to borrow a little of this snail's serenity.

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5. Nature never ceases to amaze!

Flickr | Joey Rozier

It almost looks like the albino alligator is being protected by the other. What a striking picture!

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6. Imagine seeing this sunset in person.

Reddit | mtuohyphoto

This is Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, but I would believe this was a still from a fantasy movie. The colors in this shot are amazing.

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7. Dandelions are much more beautiful when seen from below.

Reddit | nda22

Dandelions might be a pest when they're overtaking your lawn, but it turns out from a bug's perspective, they're one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow.

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8. This tree split in half by lightning.

Reddit | Mono_420

It's not uncommon to see a tree that's been struck by lightning, but one that's been cleaved clear down the middle really shows how powerful nature really is.

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9. Ready for an adventure?

Reddit | wikimalic

This is what you see when you're about to embark on a great journey. Who knows where the river will take you?

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10. The way these clouds look from the bottom of the mountains.

Reddit | Crypt0Prof

The clouds look like they could be painted on, or like they're swirling around the mountains at top speed. Amazing!

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11. This nature pic turned upside down.

Reddit | Hirollin303

Reddit user Hirollin303 took this shot while out camping and then flipped the image to create this beautiful and slightly trippy photo.

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12. This photo is literally striking.

Reddit | star-ferry

Reddit user star-ferry was extremely lucky to get this one-in-a-million shot of a lightning strike in a parking lot. It's scary and beautiful at the same time.

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13. Can you imagine trying to climb this?

Reddit | AcrossAtlas

This is a giant sequoia tree, which is one of the largest species of trees on Earth, located in California. I get a little dizzy just thinking about how high up this must go.

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14. Which one of Santa's reindeer is this?

Reddit | BraveReddit

Albino animals are really rare, and seeing one almost feels like seeing a ghost. This is a beautiful shot of an albino reindeer a reddit user was lucky to snap.

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