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15+ Things That Don't Make A Lick Of Sense Without Context

It doesn't happen often, but perfectly mundane things can sometimes look really strange when we don't know what we're looking at.

Maybe they're in a state that we're not used to seeing them in or maybe the light is just hitting them differently, but we've all been in a situation where we're freaked out by something only for someone else to reveal that it's much less exciting than we think.

Of course, those situations are a lot less embarrassing if you get your answer before you even ask the question and that's what we're trying to do for you today.

1. It's definitely unusual for most of us to see a bison, but this one's in a much less awkward situation than it seems.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

This big fella didn't get stuck in this door, it's supposed to be there. The man next to it is simply tagging it and testing its blood.

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2. Not to worry, this is what this building is supposed to look like.

Reddit | WhySo4ngry

The Vancouver House tower in Canada has been the subject of rumors that its not earthquake safe due to building errors, but those in charge say it's turned out just as they designed it.

So why did they build it like this? The site is surrounded by freeway on-ramps and off-ramps, so they had to build this skyscraper out from a smaller space than usual.

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3. This Tupperware container seems to be floating, but based on the state of this fridge, there's a more likely answer here.

Reddit | Ian_Pastway

Since the fridge looks pretty beat-up, it probably just froze the container to the wall when frost started to build up. Of course, it's hard to notice that until you move what was underneath it.

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4. It almost looks like some oddly rectangular ghosts are seeping in from outside this window.

Reddit | Chupacathingy

However, the only thing that's actually coming in here is light. This is just how a ray of sunshine happened to poke through the blinds and hit this person's vape cloud.

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5. There are a couple of reasons why this field is more interesting than it seems at first glance.

Reddit | BeardedGlass

For a start, this is a forest of cannabis plants growing in Hokkaido, Japan. However, the strange part is that we're not just looking at a really ambitious grow op.

This forest may have started that way, but it's actually growing very out of control and new plants are sprouting up faster than they can be destroyed.

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6. It seems like somebody found a portal to a whole new world and in a way, they did.

Reddit | AfterFlow3

What we're seeing here is some Augmented Reality software that works a little like Pokémon Go. only to a more sophisticated extent.

If you step into this "portal," your device will treat it as if you've walked into this dark world.

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7. This GoPro has taken such a beating that it's kind of hard to recognize, but that can happen when you film at a volcano.

Reddit | GalacticF1RE

Amazingly, the fact that it's partially melted apparently hasn't stopped it from working, as the uploader said it was still recording.

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8. We are neither looking at a ghost nor at the result of someone's Photoshop skills.

Instagram | @designdain

Although there are definitely some impressive skills on display here, they come down to how perfectly this woman painted her body.

It's easier to see once you realize that's what you're looking at, but it's still intensely trippy.

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9. We expect ice to form on trees in winter, but it doesn't usually do it in such perfectly flat sheets.

Reddit | russianlexicon

However, that's because we also don't usually see a flood pass through a forest just as things are starting to get chilly.

And so, the water that froze in place remains here to mark how high the water levels once were.

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10. That giant bubble in the background is certainly rare, but it's a completely natural phenomenon.

Reddit | Mass1m01973

According to the BBC, this is called a fog dome and it occurs when there's a heat source that stays low to the ground.

The fog builds up around this heat source until it warms up and rises away from it into this big dome shape.

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11. This may seem like a strange gourd of some kind, but we actually see what this mass of fruit is made of every day.

Reddit | mxksowie

Somehow, what should be a bunch of bananas all fused into one massive piece. It's hard to get too excited about it once you learn the whole thing apparently tastes bland and disappointing, though.

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12. It's hard to believe from looking at it, but this is all part of the same unedited photo.

Reddit | JBagelMan

The stark lines between this photo's different parts may seem like they were put together in a collage, but someone standing under a building's overhang took a picture of a brick wall that happened to stand in front of these trees and lamp posts.

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13. Technically, we're only looking at the results of one snagged fishing line.

Reddit | BajaBlastFromDaTrash

The uploader caught their line on a rock, but after they reeled it in, they discovered they had pulled up about 30 years' worth of snags that same rock had been responsible for.

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14. It's hard to recognize it at this point, but this was once a perfectly average telephone pole.

Reddit | GallowBoob

It's just that enough bands and other promoters have stapled enough flyers to this thing over 40 years that it's become completely blanketed in staples. It's hard to believe the more recent folks even managed to find room.

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15. This looks like some weird growth or mysterious puzzle box, but many of us would find this pretty cute when it's more relaxed.

Reddit | CheckTwitter

If you haven't guessed, what we're actually looking at is an armadillo. The parts of its shell all fit together like this when it needs to protect itself.

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16. The look of someone falling asleep during a cram session isn't unusual to most of us, but it will be to this guy.

Reddit | thebatmunk

That's because this wasn't what he was doing when he passed out. Presumably, this guy had a little too much fun during a party and the host put their encyclopedia of physics and a highlighter in his hands.

He'll think he had the most productive blackout ever.

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17. This carving is about 1,600 years old and the message on it gives a little hint as to what it was used for.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

An ancient Greek soldier would have flung this lead projectile out of a sling, but not after they apparently wrote, "catch" on it.

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18. The architecture of this building seems a little strange, but that wasn't entirely up to the designer.

Reddit | Zaphoid411

That's because this building is actually made of a series of shipping crates and this happened to be the colors they came in.

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19. Not to worry, this person's hand is completely unharmed.

Reddit | CriticalReality

Their glove just happened to break while they were dyeing their friend's hair, so they'll be walking around with a big blue mark for a while.

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20. For that matter, there's no need to worry about getting iced coffees at this place either.

Reddit | serbiansurvivor

Despite how it may look, somebody didn't lose an eye in the middle of making this. The foam just settled in a way that made it seem like the drink is staring at us.

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21. This scene looks pretty dangerous, and I have some serious questions.

Reddit | Kolsefur

This wildfire was spreading super close to a golf course out west. Some people seem to be concerned, while these guys won't stop there game for anything.

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22. How did this happen? But more importantly, who did this?!

Reddit | Awesome_Clips

This Reddit user was driving through the back roads of Pennsylvania on the way to a camping spot and found a mountain of ceramic dishes and tea cups in the middle of the woods. As one does.

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23. Storms are powerful, but I never thought about exactly how powerful.

Reddit | loontoon

This is a picture two days after a storm in Hong Kong. How did the wind manage to do this?

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24. Doesn't this scene look like it's straight from an apocalyptic movie?

Reddit | edrini

This is a fire that burned through a cemetery, but it could really go either way.

Nonetheless, it makes the setting a lot creepier than it already is.

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25. This thing looks like it came straight from outer space.

Reddit | gmnitsua

This is actually a giant hail ball from a storm.

It's crazy that Mother Nature can produce something so wild and unearthly.

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26. Welp, this isn't something that you casually stumble across everyday.

Reddit | Elaflynts

And you wouldn't because this was found in a homeowner's attic.

Usually flowers will do just fine as a housewarming gift. But maybe mannequins are the latest trend?

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27. This looks like someone got eaten alive by a wasp nest.

Reddit | [deleted]

Close, but a mask did, instead.

My question is: what was an old mask doing casually hanging outside?

We need answers.

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28. X-Rays are really revealing of what goes on in the human body, or in this case, what lies there.

Reddit | kaylalorene

This white line is actually a needle that was stuck in a foot, and no one knows how long it was there before excruciating pain finally sent the woman to the emergency room.

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29. How did that puffer fish get there?

Reddit | bassistmuzikman

This storm must have been pretty bad to uproot sea life and send them high above land.

I hope it was okay!

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30. This situation here is really concerning.

Reddit | ksigler

Of course, these aren't real babies. But it honestly doesn't matter.

Why does the one in the top left corner look TERRIFIED even though it's fake????

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31. Now this is one way to display a collection.

Reddit | x4candles

I'm not too sure what this person is collecting, tbh.

And unfortunately we'll never truly know.

Unless you know this person, then hit us up.

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32. Are you wondering why this person's hand looks so messed up from this X-Ray image?

Reddit | cloudblade70

They held a firecracker that went off in their hand.

There is a reason why fireworks are banned in some places.

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33. Thrift store finds are the best finds.

Reddit | Sgt_Kersandwich

This is either the best spoon rest you've ever seen or the most frightening.

This would really dress up a boring old stove!

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34. Whaaaaaaaat is happening?

Reddit | yoavfunk

Someone decided to spruce up the bus a little bit.

I'm not sure it's really my decor style, but beggars can't be choosers.

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35. Aliens? ALIENS?!

Reddit | GaryCPhoto

Okay, not aliens. This Reddit user attached a light to his drone and then flew it in a pretty little spiral to create this effect.

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36. Paris is burning? It looks more like it's toppling to me.

Reddit | Shazam10-SAP

The Eiffel Tower is fine, don't worry. This picture is the result of a panoramic shot gone wrong, or maybe gone right, depending on what kind of picture you were trying to take.

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37. This isn't a case of forced perspective.

Reddit | Cannibeans

This chair is actually just that big. A Reddit user's mother bought it for her husband, who's 6'7, for Father's Day. Finally, a chair just for him!

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38. This might look like a grave you want to keep an increasingly safe distance from.

Reddit | phate00

But it's actually the headstone of Elija Bond, who invented the Ouija board. So don't worry, it's not any more haunted than your average grave, depending on how haunted you think most graves are.

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39. The MOST common situations?

Reddit | Ahelsinger

Okay, you've got me on this one. I have no context to offer you. This one just straight up doesn't make any sense.

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