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Ice Cream-Stuffed Doughnut Cones Are Everything We’ve Ever Wanted In Life

Caitlyn Clancey 15 May 2019

The world is full of dream food combinations.

Macaroni and cheese. Chocolate and peanut butter. Bacon and literally anything else you could ever pair with bacon. The list goes on and on.

Now, get ready for a flavor combination that definitely has the potential to blow all others right out of the water, if not out of the universe completely.

Ice-cream stuffed doughnut cones.

Just look at that photo and tell me your mouth doesn't start salivating right away.

According to Buzzfeed, these tasty treats come from the Prague café, Good Food Coffee and Bakery. Judging from the amount of Instagram photos people have taken there, it's definitely a hot spot for tourists, and I think I can guess why.

Hint: it's the doughnuts.

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At this café, you can have your ice cream-stuffed doughnut however you like it.

The base is a cinnamon-sugar-coated doughnut cone or "trdelníks". They're also called "chimney cakes" and they're hollow Czech pastries that create a tunnel for mouth-watering fillings.

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After choosing your base, you get to decide what goes inside that tantalizing cone of doughnut-goodness.

People can opt to have it filled to the very tip top with either soft-serve ice cream or whipped cream and strawberries.

Oh, and did we mentioned the inside of the cone is lined with either Nutella of berry compote? Yeah, we're packing our bags right now, too.

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It's up to you how your beautiful cone gets topped.

A quick scroll through Instagram shows a whole world of possibilities, with some people choosing to decorate theirs with decadent chunks of chocolate fudge brownies and nuts.

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Some like to keep it simple.

This person opted for a single teddy bear cookie in their ice cream, and I applaud their restraint because I'd have that thing covered in toppings.

Hey, you're allowed to indulge while on vacation. Calories don't count in different countries.

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There's even a pistachio cone option for all you pistachio lovers out there.

It's safe to say this little café in Prague has mastered the art of desserts. It would be great if they could perhaps expand their reach internationally so those of us with a fairly thin wallet could try the doughnut cones for ourselves.

But until then, I guess we can just sit here and stare longingly at other people's Instagram photos. That's fine too.

h/t: Buzzfeed

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