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Fluffy, Blow-Dried Cows Are The Internet Obsession We Need

Ryan Ford

The internet is just made for indulging in an obsession. It has everything you're looking for, and lots of it, especially if it's related in any way to a Kardashian. Of course, obsessions have a way of going too far awfully quickly, and getting extremely unhealthy.

So here's something completely harmless, and in fact likely restorative, to obsess over: fluffy, blow-dried cows.

That's right, cows don't just stand around in fields munching grass all day.

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I mean, lots of them do, for much of the time. But sometimes, just like humans, they get a good, thorough glam session, and a nice blowout.

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Just look at this majestic floof beast!

Instagram | @fluffmania

Look how fuzzy! Look how soft! Look how fluffy!

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Yes, these cows are living the high life here.

Instagram | @kr_showlife

And it takes even more work than you'd think to get a cow's coat to look as magnificent as it possibly can, far more than just a single grooming. See, fluffy cows are, more often than not, headed to competition.

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Getting a cow into prime show form is painstaking.

Instagram | @worldofidea

I don't know if this fluffy wonder took home a blue ribbon, but it's definitely a champ in my books. But that represents months of daily work with brushes and washes and clippers and primping and preening and blow-drying and, yes, even hairspray.

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Yes, these are elite bovines, brought to their peak performance with tender, loving care.

Instagram | @nearlymrsprice

Kids in 4-H groups know all about it, because this is what they do. They care for cows and then show them off at state fairs and livestock shows.

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So they get to work with fluffy cows all the time!

Instagram | @aimeefarmanimalsanctuary

Knowing that they might be all hairsprayed up might make them a little less soft, but still, could you possibly turn down a good cattle cuddle?

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But, given how much work goes into it, it might be for the best to just enjoy all the pics of fluffy cows out there.

Instagram | zovland

I mean, go ahead an throw #fluffycow into an Instagram search. You'll find yourself scrolling through all the pics until way past your bedtime without realizing it.

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And just like that, you have a new, wholesome obsession.

Instagram | @pawstuffdotcom

Fluffy cows! Who knew!

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