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12+ Powerful Tattoos That Covered Up Painful Scars With Beautiful Art

Tattoos can be a great way to accentuate your body. They can also be a way to make yourself feel more comfortable in your own skin especially when it comes to scar cover-up tattoos.

Whether your scar was because of an accident, an illness or possibly self-inflicted, a tattoo can help you love your body as it is today.

1. Post-Surgery Tattoo

Having a large scar because of surgery can be a painful thing to accept. But a gorgeous tattoo can make your body feel beautiful again.

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2. Scar Incorporating Tattoo

Sometimes not even covering up the scar but instead incorporating it into the tattoo design is the best decision. How fun is this Star Trek idea?

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3. The Right Placement Tattoo

Certain scars can have an odd shape and placement on the body. This amazing tattoo cover-up works well with body shape and coverage.

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4. Take Care Ink Project Tattoo

Some tattoo artists take part in special scar cover-up tattoos to help people forget their painful past and embrace their new future.

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5. Acceptance Tattoo

Some self-harm scars can be large in scale and a challenge to cover-up but this design is so wonderful and an important marker of progress made on this person's journey.

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6. Large Scar Tattoo

Speaking of covering up large scars, here's a perfect example of a job well done. Such a masterful way to cover-up such a large area.

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7. A Special Design Tattoo

It's always fun to work with a talented tattoo artist who can design a special cover-up tattoo just for your unique scar situation. So awesome!

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8. Customized Design Tattoo

Again, here's another amazing example of a customized scar cover-up tattoo that now becomes an artful acceptance tattoo. When done beautifully it really shows.

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9. Survivor Tattoo

Working with scar tissue is never easy because of hard tissue and swelling issues but it's well worth it in the end when your client is happy

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10. Artful Tattoo

Scars can be difficult to display on your body. Making a decision to cover them up with a tattoo can change your perspective.

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11. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

A scar can be a painful reminder of something that happened in your past. But a skillfully designed cover-up tattoo can help you heal.

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12. Healing Tattoo

A tattoo can be a great way for oneself to heal themselves. It's a way to accept your past and move forward towards the future.

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13. Forget The Past Tattoo

From once proudly displaying the self-harming blade to now proudly displaying a new and beautiful outlook on life. This is definitely a positive step.

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It's amazing to see that with beautiful tattoo art a person's perspective on the past and their future life can have such a positive effect.

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Kudos to these artists.

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