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Curly Eyelashes Are The Latest Beauty Trend That No One Asked For

Amy Pilkington 1 Jun 2019

The world of fashion and beauty trends can be wonderful. There's true art and skill behind many of the most famous looks, regardless of how seriously mainstream culture treats the medium.

But, let's face it, some of it is just plain cray.

Admittedly, I've never been big fan of fancy lashes.

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But that's mostly a personal thing, because I've never liked the feel of wearing mascara and false lashes drive me nuts.

If you do like them, though, they can look incredible.

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Sofie Petersen is a make-up artist that specializes in crazy eye looks.

Instagram | @sofiepeterseen

Her work leans more towards art than practical, but there's no denying her skill, and she's not afraid to get weird.

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But one of her ideas is so off-putting that the internet just can't handle it.

Instagram | @sofiepeterseen

Yep: thick, curly lashes.

I'm almost glad that they look obviously fake, because more realistic would be extra weird.

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It didn't totally creepy me out until I saw her caption, though: "puberty isn’t over."

Instagram | @sofiepeterseen

Nope. Nope. NOPE.

There should never, ever be any time in which eyelashes should be talked about in reference to pubic hair.

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Thanks, I hate it.

Instagram | @sofiepeterseen

She even has another version, which isn't really better. It's just different.

When I first discovered the curly lashes, people were calling this a new trend, and boy, was I glad to learn that it was actually just one artist's experiment.

This should never, ever be a thing.

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