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16 Kids Who Are Going To Make It In This Trash Fire World

Diply 12 Mar 2018

Children are our future, according to that terrible cliché.

But it can be easy to wonder if kids these days are gonna rule the world or just ruin the world.

Well, if the 16 kids featured here are any indication, the future's so bright, we best be putting on those shades.

Come along as we explore the world that these three-foot kiddos are improving with their sheer brilliance and cheekiness.

1. How old do you have to be to win a Nobel prize?

Twitter | @4ever_waiting

Because this little genius needs one for next level loophole exploitation. And if there's one thing he'll need to know as an adult, it's how to beat the system.

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2. Self-care is important at any age.

Reddit | Trimountaine

And you're never too young to start, as this baby is so eloquently demonstrating. You're also never too young to learn about the joys of hotel bathrobes and room service.

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3. Healthy habits start in childhood. 

Reddit | zeusakatkm

It's good to see today's youth are taking warnings about cigarette smoking seriously. It's also very satisfying to watch them put all that health consciousness into practice while schooling an adult.

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4. Bullies beware.

Giphy | Giphy

It's good for kids to think about what they want to be when they grow up. Whatever this little towhead decides to do, he's already got the right mindset. Get 'em, Timmy.

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5. Pizza is life.

Twitter | @jodyavirgan

As this toddler so perfectly captures, appreciation for all the joy that is 'za starts early. This little foodie is gonna do big things when she grows up. Big, delicious things.

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6. Sometimes, the right answer's the simplest.

Imgur | halfricantrombone

This budding scientist could have gone into great detail about calcium and mineral deposits. But as an adult, sometimes, you gotta take the easy way out. A lesson this kid's already learned.

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7. It's always good to lend a hand.

Giphy | Giphy

These precocious tykes have already learned the value of teamwork when it comes to problem solving. That'll serve them well in adulthood. Maybe they can give lessons to the rest of us.

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8. Always follow directions.

Imgur | jozdaz

Sure, life is full of nuance, but when you want to avoid getting in trouble, sometimes it's best to just take the literal path. Bonus points to this kid for creativity, which will also serve her well.

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9. It's always good to be honest.


This kid's got nothing to hide and is being his best self. Plus, what a rocking fashion sense. Check out those sweet cowboy boots. Oh yeah, this little dude is one to watch.

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10. Tell it like it is.

Imgur | shebacon

Sometimes, it's not enough to be honest. Sometimes, you gotta call people on their bulls***. And as this student shows us, when a question is dumb, it's time to break out the sarcasm.

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11. The future is now.

Reddit | MerryAntoinette

I don't know what the minimum age to work at Apple or Google is, but whatever it is, they should drop it immediately so that they can hire this budding technology wizard.

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12. You're never too young to learn the value of hard work. |

Um, OK, yeah. Maybe ten violates some child labor laws, but beyond that, think of all the skills this kid's learning. Customer service. Math. She's way ahead of me already.

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13. You gotta have a plan.

Reddit | humdrum_humphrey

And when you set goals, they need to be specific and achievable. I think Jared here's got a good start. May he be a benevolent overlord when he rules us all.

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14. You need to appreciate the importance of a good Target run.

Astrology Memes | Astrology Memes

The average adult spends about 63 percent of their life at Target. So, you're gonna need to know how to make that fun, little guy here's got it down.

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15. Always provide clear answers.

Imgur | TheRealR0tb3rt

Kids are going to grow up bombarded with perplexing questions. It's best to always have good, solid answers. And this mathematician has already discovered that the best answers are usually the shortest.

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16. Practice makes...well, a mess.

Twitter | @aalexandriabish

Refining your craft takes years of instruction and practice. But this budding makeup artist is well on her way. She's already got a patient teacher...who hopefully has a metric ton of makeup remover.

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