13+ Everyday Things We May Have Been Doing Wrong All Along

Diply 17 Jul 2018

I don't know about you, but I'm still blown away by the little things that people come up with that can totally change your life. You bet I'm talking about lifehacks that give us a hand and design features of products we should have known about, but didn't.

There is certainly a right way to do things, and a wrong way. But these little hacks are here to help you live your life the way it was meant to be lived. I'll try anything that helps me out a bit!

1. You've just been cutting off rings when they get stuck on your finger.

YouTube | iSamnang

Basically, if you've got a ring that's stuck on your finger, you can use floss to help slide it off. Need more proof? Check out this video.

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2. You've been eating stale chips because you don't properly close the bag.

Pinterest | Pinterest

If you don't have a chip clip on hand, you can fold the bag to keep things fresh.

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3. You've been letting your aluminum foil run loose when you could have kept it steady.

Stacey Snacks Online | Stacey Snacks Online

Not everyone knows this, but there's a tab on the ends of a roll that you can push in so the roll stays put. I tried it recently and it definitely works!

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4. You've been keeping those huge boxes of medication even though they take up way too much space.

Reddit | Nickness123

Just take the pill packets out of the box, cut out the info you need, and store them in plastic bags.

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5. You've been eating boring AF cookies because you don't have any cookie cutters.

My Paper Crane | My Paper Crane

You can just make your own using aluminum foil like the team at My Paper Crane did.

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6. You're running out of space in your suitcase or closet because you don't know how to fold properly.

Instructables | thematthatter

Look at how little space this underwear takes up when you roll it the right way!

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7. You've been settling for anything less than perfectly round eggs.

WikiHow | WikiHow

If you really want to have the perfect eggs, you should crack them inside an onion ring.

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8. Or you've been eating mediocre hard-boil eggs your whole life.

Sisters Raising Sisters | Sisters Raising Sisters

In which case you're going to need this hack. Just make a pin prick in the egg's shell before cooking. Sisters Raising Sisters share more on the perfect egg over on their blog!

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9. You've been eating your apple sauce without realizing that you had a spoon available to use all this time.

Imgur | LookeyHere

I've definitely been in situations where I didn't have a spoon, so I slurped it up with my mouth.

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But, if we were smart, we have thought to use the foil seal and turn it into a tiny spoon.

Imgur | LookeyHere

Hey, a small spoon is better than slurping it up, okay!

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10. You've been hiding your crazy plant lady status inside your apartment and using blinds or curtains on your windows.

Reddit | Oasisque

As a crazy plant lady and proud of it, I'd definitely consider making a plant wall instead of using curtains or blinds!

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11. You've been suffering through your toppings falling off your pizza when you cut it.

Reddit | Reddit

Next time you make a frozen pizza, rearrange the toppings to make it easier to cut.

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12. You've never realized that you had a built-in coaster to your takeout drinks.

Reddit | BEERT3K

I've also never realized that people drink from their takeout drinks like they're regular cups.

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13. You've been melting your butter in the microwave to soften it.

Reddit | randomusefultidbits

I tried this hack last week and it definitely works. You just can't use an entire brick of butter...

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14. You've been using carabiners to hold things like your keys.

Reddit | randomusefultidbits

When instead you could be saving yourself multiple trips up the stairs next time you do the groceries.

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15. You haven't been cleaning the underside of your electric stove.

Reddit | 5p33di3

YIKES. If you didn't know your stove lifted like this so you could clean it, you might want to go do that right now.

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16. You've been eating way too much or way too little pasta.

My Smoko Break | My Smoko Break

And you never realized there was the perfect measuring tool at your disposal this whole time. Get with the program, guys!

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17. You've been cold in the winter and hot in the summer because you've had your ceiling fan adjusted the wrong way.

Mom4Real | Mom4Real

I know, who tells you these things?! But it's actually really useful to know!

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18. You've been drinking warm juice because your hands are heating up the box.

Imgur | Imgur

The tabs on the outside of the box are meant to be held so your juice stays cool, just like you!

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19. You've been eating unevenly heated pasta because you didn't microwave it properly!

Reddit | Omgpolly

If you leave a space in the center of the noodles, it'll get a much better reheat overall.

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20. You've been letting everyone see your scratched out words when you write in pen.

Reddit | yourmom46

Instead, you should be scribbling them out. This way the words are much harder to read.

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21. You've been drinking warm beer because you forgot to toss it in the fridge before your night out.

Imgur | nomnomnetwork

Don't fret, wrap it in wet paper towel before putting it in the freezer to speed up the process.

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22. You've been squishing your fresh bread when you cut it because it's so warm.

Imgur | Imgur

I mean, who doesn't want fresh-out-of-the-oven bread? Flip it over and cut it from the bottom where it's a bit harder to squish.

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23. You've been breaking your arm trying to scoop hard ice cream out of the container.

Reddit | CorbinMontego

If you store it in a freezer bag within the freezer, it'll be the perfect silky smooth texture we all know and love.

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