11+ Times Men Were Beauty's Best Friends

Diply 23 Aug 2018

Men are not always known for their beauty knowledge, but sometimes, we have to give credit where credit is due!

Some boyfriends, husbands, and dads brave the perfume filled aisles of Sephora with us, while others know the importance of a clean makeup brush.

Regardless, get ready to feel hopeful about finding the blush to your highlighter with this gaggle of men who are beauty's best friends!

1. This is true love, don't fight me on this.

Twitter | @berrlinnn

To be able to have an argument and ALSO help your girl find the perfect nail polish shade shows #Maturity and #CoupleGoals, amirite ladies?

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2. This is dedication and honestly, I'm obsessed.

Twitter | @Keymoni_

Could this guy just have shown a fire selfie of his GF to a makeup artist at Sephora to find the right color? Yes, but that would be taking the easy way out!

This man put in the work.

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3. Nugs and hugs? Sign me up!

Twitter | @leaadame

It's already a luxury to get your nails done (RIP painting my own nails), but to have a man who loves you enough to hand feed you like a goddess while you get your gels redone?


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4. And here I am browsing on the Ikea website, knowing I'll have to hire a random man from Craigslist to help me set it up when it comes in two to four weeks.

Instagram | @coursent

But seriously tho, SOOO CUTE!

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5. If I had a dollar for every set of lashes I have left behind...

Instagram | @aestheticacosmetics

I am the worst after a night out. I will leave my lashes on the kitchen counter, my sister's bedside table, in the microwave... Literally anywhere other than their case!

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But at least this dad knows the importance of a snatched lash, even if he is using it as a substitute chin moustache.


It's the least we can do as women, ya know? Bless the men in our lives with great weaves.

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6. It is my one and only life dream to be pampered by the love of my life like this. 

Twitter | @zeetaher

Who needs a glam squad when you have endless love and support?

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7. UM, so where can I find me one of these??

Instagram | @makeupavideotutorialstevetrish

The Naked Vault is like an urban (decay) legend — I've heard about it, I've read about it, but I've never seen it in person...until now.

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8. Oh, nothing to see here! Just the perfect boyfriend! 

Instagram | @beautymemes

As someone that has to save PENNIES for Estée Lauder foundation and Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palettes, this doesn't make me envious at all!


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Like, I'm a brat??? Where's my giant Sephora gift card at??


I bet this girl is just CACKLING at all us plebs who have to wait and rack up VIB points to get free stuff, while she's just swimming in it!

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9. Is it a big mistake or a beautiful nightmare?

Twitter | @DonBroccoli

The best way to bond with your girlfriend's family is to let them take the wheel when it comes to outer beauty, OK? Us ladies know best!

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10. We love a supportive brother who doesn't conform to toxic masculinity!

Instagram | @coursent

There is nothing more amazing and inspiring than the unconditional love and support this guy is showing his little sister.

What a dream!

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Twitter | @Gayle11Sephora

I know this is a bold statement but bangs are not for EVERYONE! It takes a truly committed and loving life partner to help you decide if this dramatic hair change is worth the emotional trauma!

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12. This is the 2018 version of a gentleman, a knight in shining armour, if you will.

Twitter | @NATEGAWD

Playing with makeup is fun. Swirling on blush is fun. You know what's not fun? CLEANING UP all 400 of those makeup brushes.

This man is the realest.

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13. See, these men are smart. They know that if they don't want to become an actual human lipstick swatch, they need to stay FAR AWAY.

Twitter | @taylormaxinee

The perfect guy knows that his distance only makes his bae grow fonder.

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Instagram | @aestheticacosmetics

There is nothing like the perfect makeup look — it can make anyone feel on top of the world! Can I please get this app for when bae wants a selfie while i'm still in bed at 3 p.m.?


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