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Fans Are Conflicted Over The First Trailer For Disney's 'Cruella'

Rae Batchelor 17 Feb 2021

The best time to be a movie fan is when a new trailer drops for a movie that just gets everyone talking, good or bad, which is exactly what Disney's new trailer for Cruella just did.

Now, I personally think we've had enough of the reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels, and origin stories to last a lifetime, but Disney fans are a bit more conflicted than that!

Disney's upcoming Cruella movie will follow the life and times of Cruella De Vil as a young woman.

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Obviously, since the movie takes place before 101 Dalmatians, we're likely going to see her become the evil, dog-wearing iconic villain we know and love by the end of it.

While I personally LOVE to watch an evil woman win (it reminds me of my marriage), some people are not so on-board with the movie.

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Disney just dropped the first trailer for the movie.

The trailer honestly looks pretty cool, and at least confirms that Cruella's iconic fashion sense is definitely alive and well in this iteration of her.

Fans took to social media to share their opinions, good and bad.

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Some fans were simply not here for a movie explaining how Cruella De Vil became Cruella De Vil.

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"I was always content with the understanding that cruella is the way she is because she’s rich and british," wrote one fan.

"I'm aggravated that this looks fun... Simply going to give it a watched based on Emma Stone, but did we really need a Cruella origin story... Nah bro, nah...." shared another.

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Some people thought the trailer gave them the same vibes as the Joker or Harley Quinn.

"Making Cruella into a Joker-like figure is really funny because it implies that Batman's whole deal could be accomplished by a hundred dogs giving it their best," shared one fan.

"Why are people calling cruella "Disney's joker"? it's obviously Disney's birds of prey,"tweeted another.

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Other fans were just excited!

I have to say, the trailer did surpass my expectations, and I am a sucker for a movie with an iconic wardrobe. I'll live vicariously through Cruella's outfits while wearing my sweatpants on the couch!

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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