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You Can Build A Beautiful Cabin For Less Than $2000 Thanks To This Company

Over the years the iconic A-frame '50s and '60s style cabin has been the envy of many. Until this point, you would've had to hire an architect to design one for you.

But now a company called Everywhere Inc. is selling the blueprints so you can build one yourself on a way better budget. Here are the details about this project.

You can order the blueprints and all the material specifications to be mailed to you.

What you'll receive is a flash drive in PDF format and printed on 36-by-24-inch sheets.

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For $1,950 you'll also receive information about the house, discount codes to providers around in the U.S., a doorknob, a hammer, and a hat with the company logo. Nice!

Now, it's just time to get to work!

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This company wants to provide people with the plans and materials so more folks can afford to build a dream cabin of their own.

This is really cool.

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By getting the blueprints, you will be able to skip the step of communicating your wishes to an architect and all the back and forth, not to mention the cost.

This is a huge money-saver.

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The plans for the AYFRAYM, a beautiful 1,574 square foot A-Frame Cabin, feature three large walkout cedar decks, large custom windows, vaulted ceilings with rustic-modern wood beams.

How amazing!

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This cabin comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

One bedroom is a unique bunk room with four comfortable bunk spaces. There's also an upper loft with lookout windows.

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The total estimated construction cost ranges from $252,000 to $277,000, which includes permits, basic site preparation work, foundation work, and everything else.

Plus, you still need to purchase the land.

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Everywhere Inc. started as a company that sold designer trailer homes but that eventually fell through.

Now they're focusing on blueprints-in-a-box, plus the company’s services to build the final homes.

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The inspiration for the cabin came from the CEO's grandpa who built a cabin back in the '70s.

It was the base camp for all of his childhood adventures.

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Now, he wants others to experience the joys of growing up in a cabin where you can let your imagination run wild and go out into nature to explore.

Sounds amazing to me!

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Standard housing prices have climbed up in the recent years and it's so much harder for people to afford their own homes.

The AYFRAYM cabin concept can change that.

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In addition to getting the DIY plans for the cabin you also have the option of hiring Everywhere Inc. to help bring your vision to life and build it.

I could get behind this DIY concept for sure.

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Working with this company that actually designed the concept for this unique dwelling can be a huge advantage and they will make it all go much smoother in the end.

It's sort of like an all-in-one service.

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This concept of owning your very own cabin is such a neat idea.

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It might make housing more affordable for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford traditional homes.

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