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12+ Fashion Designs That Are Straight-Up Disasters

Fashionable trends can sometimes be hard to keep track of. One day something is in and another day something is out. But I think we can all agree that when we see a ridiculous outfit, we see a ridiculous outfit.

So I've compiled a list of questionable fashion designs that are definitely cringe-worthy and even border on hilarious.

1. Like Is My Favorite Word

Reddit | malgreezy

Maybe this shirt will only appeal to those teenagers that like to abuse the word "like", lol. Otherwise, I don't see the point.

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2. Awkward Peekaboo

Reddit | Just-another-weeaboo

I get what they were going for here, pun intended, but I still can't picture any guy I know wearing this.

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3. Female Version Of Chaps

Reddit | _xParagon

Oh, this goes beyond the legendary chaps. Did she even look in the mirror before leaving the house? Forget the stilettos.

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4. Wrong Message

Reddit | m_delacour

I guess this hoodie would only come in handy to those people who want to fit into both clubs depending on how they feel each day. LOL!

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5. Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

Reddit | amr5120

I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to decipher what this T-shirt design is supposed to mean. But I give up.

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6. Grandma Bought It


This will serve as a warning to all of you guys, don't let grandma pick your T-shirts because you risk getting this as a gift. ROFLMAO!

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7. Quite A Mouthful

Reddit | gradinafrica

Who TF would buy their girlfriend a shirt calling her property and yourself borderline abusive? That is the question of the day here? Right?

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8. Oopsie Daisies

Reddit | GallowBoob

Maybe not the best idea to have a red flower down there. Ladies, make sure you do check yourselves in the mirror from all angles, please.

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9. Munchies

Reddit | davenda14

I have one explanation for this sudden appearance of Cheetos on everything in this store. Someone definitely had a serious case of the munchies while designing these. Amirite?

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10. An Unfortunate Gym Accident

Reddit | Mouthmouthmouth

Great way to make everyone at the gym think you've peed yourself. Why would anyone put a patch inside of the crotch is beyond me.

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11. Perma Nip

Reddit | ConfusedGirlfriend

Wow, that's quite a curious way to place pearl embellishments on a woman's top. No matter what you wear over it, it looks a little risque.

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12. Nice Focal Point

Reddit | Yung_chode69

Ladies if you don't try things on before you buy them you might end up with 600 people looking at your crotch on Reddit. Warned ya!

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13. Waterproof Maternity Pants ... For Men

Reddit | unkyduck

Okay, so this definitely makes total sense. While women need expanding pants during pregnancy men need waterproof maternity tactical pants for what exactly?

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14. Yummy...?

Reddit | JuuzouSuzuyaTG

This is a Redditor's local swim team shirt, so I guess it makes a little bit of sense, but I'm not sure that's the healthy breakfast you should be promoting...

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15. Good Question.

Reddit | NationalVegetable

This was likely a translation error, but just try to read this one out loud without laughing. Don't worry about looking silly — don't leg fear concrol your life!

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16. This Is Shirtception.

Reddit | LoneW0lf77

Is this shirt meta? I'm totally confused...

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17. Sorry, Bruce...

Reddit | RageQuit9999

This is a very cute idea for a shirt, but in execution they probably should've picked a superhero whose mother wasn't... you know, dead?

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18. What If They Didn't See The Front?

Reddit | LodlopSeputhChakk

This dress, when approached from behind, seems really inviting, which is definitely not what the person wearing it wants to communicate.

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19. A Crappy Dress... Literally

Reddit | hustler234

This design looks kind of cute from a distance, but I don't understand why you'd want little cartoon poops all over your cute dress. What's the occasion that you wear this to?

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20. Heroes... What Now?

Reddit | Gabonicman

It's too bad, because the art on this shirt is really nice, but whoever positioned all the pieces of this design didn't quite look at how Thor's hammer covers the words.

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21. How... Inspiring.

Reddit | EliteAttack

I'm not quite so sure about the message behind this design. It looks like maybe the model isn't so sure either.

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22. I Want To Break Free Of This Shirt

Reddit | Flowixz

Remember when Rami Malek won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in HEMI HAPSOI? Yeah, me neither. If only I could remember what that movie was actually called...

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23. Good To Know

Reddit | u/zapsquad

Wow, I feel like this is could really derail my therapy.

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24. Walk The Line

Reddit | u/freezincoldcheetos

I'm getting dizzy just looking at this.

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25. What're You Trying To Say?

Reddit | u/gaydotaer

I'm not sure what language this is meant to be. Klingon, maybe?

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26. An Interesting Twist On Garters

Reddit | u/fonlimm

These seem...drafty.

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27. Mixed Messages

Reddit | u/iEuphoria

I'd rather you didn't love me, tbh.

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28. Some Unicorns Are Male

Reddit | u/studio595

And this Christmas sweater isn't about to let you forget that.

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29. Currently Ranked No. 2

Reddit | u/chonnes

I shudder to think what their team chants are.

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30. Carry The Two

Reddit | u/Nunex97

I feel like these glasses are making me do math.

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31. We Are Not Worthy

Reddit | u/waskonator

Surely, this was designed for some super evolved being, because it's definitely not for mere mortals.

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32. Kids Wear The Darndest Things

Maybe this kid just wants you to know how they were made.

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I'm shocked that these ridiculous designs ever made it past the idea stage.

Giphy | Kissing Sisters

And then who actually gave them the green light??

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