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11+ Designs That Are In Desperate Need Of Help

Some reno projects go very smoothly and end up absolutely perfect. But there are those times where a project was doomed from the start. It could simply be a design flaw or something gets lost in translation when it comes to the final execution.

Take a look at these projects and let me know if you're just as baffled by them as I am. LOL!

1. For Budget Flyers

Reddit | DistinctScene0

Are you kidding me? Is this what this world is really coming to? Now if you want to save some money you have to stand? WTF!

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2. Um, Why This Door?

Facebook | Bündnis gegen Idioten am Arbeitsplatz

Why do you need a door like this to access this stairway? I mean, why? What is the point of this? Anyone. Bueller, Bueller?

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3. Never Go In Peace

Reddit | lukasstefanko

Apparently, this is next to an entrance to a building with a coffee shop next door. Who would end up using this bathroom? Beats me.

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4. A View To Nowhere

Reddit | Psychocaragor

Wow, I can't even imagine how depressing it would be to see this view every morning when you wake up and get ready for work.

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5. Something's Not Lining Up

Reddit | shercroft

I might be a total perfectionist but it absolutely drives me crazy when things just don't line up. So this for me, is a nightmare.

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6. Never Wash Dishes Again

Facebook | Bündnis gegen Idioten am Arbeitsplatz

I might have found a solution to the problem of never having to wash dishes again. Just buy this sink and voilà. Problem solved.

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7. A Smooth Ride

Reddit | The_unchosen-one

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? How is anyone supposed to ride their bike on a sidewalk like this? Somebody didn't think this through.

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8. A Hot Walk

Reddit | GeneReddit123

These air conditioning units keep the offices cool by blowing hot air straight into the common corridor. I guess they also don't want any visitors.

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9. Fool-Proof Design

Reddit | GeneralF_41

Apparently, these fences are intended to prevent bikes from going on the sidewalk but they can clearly just go around it. Didn't fool me.

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10. A Door To Nowhere

Reddit | Macksspink

I'm not really sure if this door to literally nowhere was designed by sheer accident or if someone had something sinister in mind.

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11. Curious Decorating Ideas

Reddit | GentlemanFaux

You know you're staying at a crappy hotel when this is their choice of displaying decor by hanging a picture right behind a lamp. Why?

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12. What Floor Am I At?

Reddit | Fl1cky2017

This reminds me of those annoying hospital elevators with all these different levels and numbers. They drive me absolutely bonkers. But this? Ugh.

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13. Solar Panels?

Reddit | ddh85

I applaud these people for wanting to use solar panels to power their house but how can they possibly use these facing a tall building next door?

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14 These Stairs

Facebook | Bündnis gegen Idioten am Arbeitsplatz

You would have to pay me a lot of money to go down these stairs. Even then, you would really have to convince me.

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Who came up with these?


It seems to me like most of these poorly designed and executed ideas were implemented by someone who fell asleep or just skipped their engineering class altogether because they suck.

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