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Wrap Yourself Up In A Cozy Crochet Pizza

Joyce Kiddell 6 Jul 2019

Pizza lovers unite!! Your blanket is here. For those who have a love-hate relationship with pizza, this crochet blanket, created by Jade Stoner, will wrap you up in all that glorious pizza goodness without the worry of calories.

Looks both cozy and delicious!

And it even folds into a perfect slice of pizza.

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You and your friends can buy matching slices.

And fit together perfectly like two pieces of the same pie.

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You can even get a crochet blanket for your furry friend!

I'm literally dying of cuteness.

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Pizza and crochet, anyone?

Cuddle yourself up with this pizza blanket, put on a movie, and eat some of your favorite 'za.

To buy any of these designs checked out Jade's shop Crocheted by Jade!

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