11+ Clever Hacks To Help You Throw A Dream Wedding For Cheap

I'm in the midst of wedding planning and I know a thing or two about how expensive everything can get if you're not careful.

So I've been collecting tips, tricks, and hacks along the way to make sure I can save money without sacrificing quality, ambiance and most importantly still have a great time. It's not easy, but definitely doable if you know what to do.

1. Skip Getting Married On Saturday

Unsplash | Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Saturday is a popular time to get married and usually it's the most expensive. So consider getting hitched on Friday or Sunday.

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2. Have Your Wedding For Free At A Park

Unsplash | Mehdi-Thomas BOUTDARINE

What, what? All you need is to apply for a free license and you can have your ceremony there.

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3. BYOB And Return Unused Booze

Unsplash | Roman Kraft

Buy all your alcohol at a store that allows you to return any unused bottles that way you won't overspend on any leftovers. Genius.

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4. Do Your Own Flower Bouquet

Instagram | @fleurishingflour

Hiring someone to do your flower bouquet can get insanely expensive but you can get cheap flowers and arrange them yourself for peanuts.

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5. Buy Decor Pieces At Garage Sales

Unsplash | Photos by Lanty

If you want to DIY your own decor just hit up local garage sales and score plenty of cheap items there.

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6. Have A Friend Make Your Wedding Cake


If you have a friend who's a great baker, why not ask them to make your cake in lieu of a gift?

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7. Create A Games Station

Giphy | Rough Night Movie

Games are always so much fun at a wedding and you can easily set up a Bocci, corn hole or beer pong station yourself.

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8. Be Creative When It Comes To Your Wedding Dress

Instagram | @grottilotti

You can buy a dress online and just get it altered or buy a white non-wedding dress and add embellishments.

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9. Sell Stuff After The Wedding

Giphy | Superfit Foods

If you're making your own decorations or buying them in bulk another bride might appreciate your style and buy it all afterward. Win-win!

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10. Offer Cheap But Yummy Snacks

Unsplash | Charles ??

I'm a popcorn freak so I would love to have popcorn, cotton candy and other nifty snacks at my wedding. Cheap and tasty.

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11. Buy Stuff On Sale

Giphy | Whym

If you have some time before your wedding that's awesome because it will allow you to wait for sales to buy everything you need.

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12. Put Fun Signs Around The Venue

Unsplash | Ben Rosett

To direct people to serve themselves instead of having a venue staff member at each station. This will save you large coin.

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13. DIY A Photo Booth


I've always wanted a photo booth at my wedding but now I know to just get a tripod, a remote and use my iPad instead.

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I kid you not, I'm so happy that there are so many useful tips out there to save on your wedding because without them I would be so lost.

Giphy | The Voice

It is possible to have your dream wedding for cheap!

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