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Husband Gives Shopping-Obsessed Wife Cake Shaped Like Amazon Box

Caitlyn Clancey 26 Jul 2019

Mom-of-three Emily McGuire is a self-proclaimed "proud" Amazon shopper.

In an interview with Cafe Mom, the professional photographer admitted she receives an average of two to three "lovely brown Amazon boxes" every week.

Because of her shopping obsession, she gets giddy at the prospect of these deliveries, something which her husband Waylon (or "Mac") was quite aware of while he planned her impending birthday.

Keeping in mind his wife's undeniable love for all things Amazon-related, Mac began hatching a plan for the best birthday surprise possible.

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The North Carolina father messaged a recommended baker at the company Sweet Dreams Bakery and described his unique idea for a cake. Feeling up to the challenge, the bakers told Mac they'd be happy to make his request. In total, it took them eight hours to expertly craft the dessert, which ended up only costing Mac $50.

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On July 19, the day of her birthday, Emily was seated at the table and had what appeared to be an Amazon parcel placed in front of her.

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"I thought he was making fun of me because he always jokes about all my boxes from Amazon, but then he was like, 'Here's your cake!'" she told USA Today.

It wasn't until she took a closer look at the "box" that Emily realized this was, in fact, her cake.

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Every part of the Amazon-themed dessert was completely edible.

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That includes the priority shipping label, logos, and packing tape ⁠— all of it had been expertly crafted by the brilliant cake designers over at Sweet Dreams Bakery, making for a cake that deserves a second glance, and a second helping.

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Emily posted pictures of her unique cake to her Facebook page so everyone could see the brilliant design for themselves.

Facebook | Emily McGuire Photography

"When you order a lot from Amazon...you get an Amazon box cake," she wrote in the post, which features a close-up photo of the cake.

The label is revealed to read that Emily resides at "1234 Birthday Lane", and written beneath that on the second address line was, "Happy Birthday, 2 U."

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Another photo of the cake was shared to the Facebook page, Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.

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That post quickly went viral, racking up over 25,000 likes and nearly 20,000 shares.

Many people in the comments have expressed interest in getting the same cake, either for themselves or an Amazon-obsessed person in their lives. Others have simply expressed their amazement at the bakery's craftsmanship.

"This is AWESOME," one user wrote. "Boy I'm just literally amazed at this cake maker's imagination. Outstanding job!"

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This isn't the first time the couple have gotten creative with their birthday cakes to each other.

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Emily revealed that two years ago she had Mac's birthday cake specially designed to look like a can of Copenhagen dipping tobacco. However, this was the first year he went all out on her own birthday dessert. And she couldn't be happier that he got so creative for her big day.

"In that moment," she said, "I knew my husband 'gets me.'"

h/t: Cafe Mom

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