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Show Off Your Tootsies This Summer With Long Painted Toenails

In anticipation of summertime, many of us fill our Instagram saved posts and Pinterest boards with fun colorful manicures. Usually we rack our brains trying to decide what nail shape we want and what design we want for our nails, and usually think about our toenails second.

Not anymore, friends. Because long painted toenails are HERE to steal the show.

There are a lot of interesting beauty trends out there, folks.

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Squiggle eyebrows, nose hair extensions—you name it! It's out there.

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People have had a lot of fun with funky fingernail designs, too, like these retro-inspired lava lamp nails.

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Some are fun, but some are absolutely bonkers.

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Nail Sunny is pretty much a celebrity in the wild nail biz.

I mean, just check these out...

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Toenails are now having their time to shine in the wild beauty trend world.


Honestly, brace yourselves.

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For some reason, long manicured toenails are this summer's hot nail trend.

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If feet weird you out like me, trust me — I'm the one who had to scour Instagram to find the best of the best, which says a lot coming from me.

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It looks like people are essentially getting their toenails shaped like fingernail manicures.

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I mean, if you love 'em, show 'em off!

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Growing them this long means you might have to size up in your close-toed shoes.

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I just personally cannot imagine this.

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Some people are even putting fake nails on their toes to lengthen them.

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I love the color, but...

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To be honest, if this is your jam, just be careful out there.

Giphy | Madelaine Petsch

Getting your toenails caught on anything won't be fun...

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Some people love 'em, some people absolutely hate 'em.

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What do you think of the long toenail trend this summer? Let us know!

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