Lay's Fried Pickle With Ranch Chips Are Back To Satisfy Those Special Cravings

Along with anchovies and a pineapple-laden pizza, pickles are a love it or hate it kind of food. On one hand, they have so many devoted fans that it almost seems inconceivable that any significant number of people could dislike them.

But on the other hand, what's usually the first thing that people try to keep off their burgers? I don't have the numbers in front of me, but pickles seem to rank pretty high in that department.

But those who love them can attest that there are few better ways to eat them than after they've been fried. And Lay's wants to capture that satisfaction.

When people fry pickles, they have a way of letting their creativity soar.


For instance, somebody got it in their heads to fill one battered and fried pickle with peanut butter and drizzle sugar and chocolate on it.

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If that sounds a little too crazy, you'll be relieved to hear that Lay's toned their version down a little bit.

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Instead, their chips try to capture the flavor of fried pickles with a hint of ranch dressing.

As Best Products reported, it comes as one of Lay's Tastes of America flavors, which also include deep dish pizza, Chesapeake Bay crab spice, Chile Con Queso, New England lobster roll, Cajun spice, pimento cheese, and sweet Thai chili.

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The origins of some of these flavors are clearer than others, but the fried pickles and ranch flavor is intended to celebrate the state fairs of the Midwest.

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After all, where else does a fried pickle feel like the perfect pairing for the festivities and where else would we even consider trying that pickle, peanut butter and chocolate experiment above?

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Earlier this year, it seemed like Sam's Club was one of the only places you could pick this flavor up.


However, they've just been made available at Target so it doesn't look like you'll have to go far if you want some fried pickle and ranch goodness without any of the mess.

h/t: Best Products

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