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Pilot Credited For Saving 233 People After Seagulls Cause Plane Engine Fire

It's the last thing we want to think about when we're flying, but it's still true that planes can sometimes end up in harrowing situations.

They're very rare and a lot of the more serious mishaps can be prevented with proper training and diligent maintenance, but unfortunately, some issues are unavoidable.

But when they do arise, sometimes the right combination of skill and adrenaline can turn a potentially deadly incident into an amazing close call.

And when so many lives hang in the balance, a pilot who can pull that heroic task off deserves all the praise in the world. And that's exactly what has happened in the wake of one Russian case.

The Ural Airlines Airbus 321 departing from Moscow was beset with problems even before it finished taking off.

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As The Guardian reported, passengers noticed the plane shake and would later learn that this was due to a flock of seagulls flying into it and disrupting the engines.

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As passengers could soon smell something burning, it was clear that one of the damaged engines had caught on fire.

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So not only did the pilots have to turn these engines off, but they had already retracted the landing gear by the time this happened, so they had to make their emergency landing without them.

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However, in a move that is now known as "the miracle over Ramensk," the pilots managed to land the plane in a cornfield less than a mile away.

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As the plane was in the air for less than two minutes, passengers were not made aware that an emergency landing was imminent.

So when the plane landed, the silence in the cabin was broken by screaming passengers.

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One of the flight attendants said that smoke was coming from the plane, so the flight crew warned passengers to move away from it.

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According to The Guardian 55 people, including 17 children, were treated for injuries, with six of them requiring hospitalization.

However, there were no fatalities among the 233 passengers.

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And so, the Kremlin is arranging to award the two pilots involved with state's honors.

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The Russian publication Komsomolskaya Pravda is particuarly crediting the plane's captain, Damir Yusupov, for defying the odds with his "masterful" landing.

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