'King Of Queens' Reunion In Tribute To Jerry Stiller Is On The Way

Rae Batchelor

There are good and bad reunions. Some reunions, like high school ones or family ones, really depend on where you came from and your own history. A reunion with a nasty ex is almost always terrible. But a reunion of one of the best sit coms of all time? That's got to be confidently in the good column!

The King Of Queens is one of my favorite sitcoms, like, ever.

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Starring Kevin James, Leah Remini, and Jerry Stiller, the show followed Doug and Carrie Heffernan (along with her dad Arthur) as they went about their daily, hilarious, and relatable lives in Queens, New York.

The show ended after 9 seasons in 2007.

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It was recently announced the cast would be reuniting for a table read for a very special cause!

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The cast will be doing a table read and a Q&A on the official King Of Queens Facebook page in tribute to Jerry Stiller, who passed away last year, and benefitting the Henry Street Settlement.

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I'm so excited!

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“Those of us who made The King of Queens are incredibly excited to reunite in honor of our recently departed friend – the uniquely funny, sweet, incomparable Jerry Stiller," said executive producer Michael J. Wiethorn.

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"We have no doubt Jerry will be watching and screaming down at us from heaven,” the statement continued.


Are you excited?

You can tune in on Facebook on March 12th, at 11am PT to catch the event live for yourself. Let us know if you'll be tuning in in the comments below!

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