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Jim Bob Duggar Makes His Kid's Future Partners Fill Out A Courtship Questionnaire

In today's edition of the Duggars did whaaaaaat it has come to fans attention that Jim Bob Duggar is just a protective of his children in real life as he seemed on the hit TLC show, 19 Kids And Counting.

While that show is no longer in existence, fans are still getting a glimpse into the life of the Duggar family in the spin-off series, Counting On.

This past year a lot of things have been ~resurfaced~ and remembered.

It's kind of like everyone forgot everything that happened over the past twenty years, which is fair.

We are living in unprecedented times!

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In addition to all the late-night interviews that are being resurfaced and are RE-horrifying us all, one fun Duggar fact has been remembered and it is a shock we ever forgot it!

We all know the Duggar children go through an extensive courtship process before they get married, but did you know there is a TEST involved?

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That's right, sweeties!

In a recently unearthed clip from Counting On, a few of the eldest Duggar daughters recalled the process their now-husbands had to endure before being allowed to date them.

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It seems the questionaires all varied in length from 30 to 50 pages!

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"Everybody did the 30-page questionnaire," Jessa told viewers.

Jinger's partner Jeremy explained h "got sent a 50-page questionnaire" from Jom Bob and said he "sent it back at 105 pages."


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"It's actually things you may not think of off the top of your head," Jeremy continued.

"I think the major question where I spent most of my time was just, 'Tell me about how you became a Christian, how you came to the Lord.'"

Well hey, if it works for them, right?!

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