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The Christmas Countdown Is On: Reba McEntire Starring In A Lifetime Christmas Movie

Rae Batchelor

Even though right now, our world might look a little dark and dreary, there's always good things on the horizon, and I'm here to bring you just a little piece of good news for you to cling to — and honestly? It's some of the best news ever. After all, what could be better than combining a country music legend and Christmas movies?

Everybody loves Christmas movies.

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There's nothing like curling up under a blanket with a warm drinking and turning on the Lifetime channel just to watch two people fall in love over the holidays. Sometimes I'll even do it in the summer — that's what air conditioning is for!

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Everybody ALSO loves Reba McEntire.

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Whether you love her for her absolutely fantastic music (I may or may not be belting 'Fancy' at the top of my lungs as we speak) or her wonderful acting career (Reba marathon, anyone?), you pretty much HAVE to love her.

Well, I'm here to tell you these two things are being combined!

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Reba will be starring in her own Lifetime Christmas move, Christmas In Tune!

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The movie "will follow marketing executive Belle, who chooses to reunite a musical duo -- made up of her estranged parents -- for a Christmas charity concert," according to a statement.

Reba is on board to co-executive produce as well as write and record an original holiday song for the soundtrack!

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A statement from a Lifetime EVP confirms the news.

"Reba has been a creative force in both music and television for many years. We are thrilled to have her on board to produce and star in not just one -- but two movies for us," the statement reads, although not much is known about the second film just yet.

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"Reba has been part of Lifetime’s air many years ago and we can’t wait to welcome her back!"


How excited are you to see Reba take on the Lifetime Christmas movie crown? If I didn't already have a reason to countdown to Christmas, this would definitely be it for me. Let us know how you feel in the comments!

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