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Tim McGraw And Garth Brooks Were Once Bridesmaids Together In The Same Wedding

Rae Batchelor

I'm sure all of us are pretty sure we had the best wedding day in all of existence. We know we had the best ceremony, the best reception, the best guest list, the best cake, the best dress — of COURSE we think so, it was all tailored for us!

It'd be kind of hard to deny that the best bridal party is one that has both Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks in it, though. Mine definitely didn't.

Tim and Garth are the absolute kings of country.

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Honestly, it's hard to even IMAGINE what country music would look or sound like without their influences.

But before they were country music legends, they were something else equally as important: bridesmaids.

Now THAT'S what I call a killer wedding party!

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Tim told the story of this bridal party of champions to Keith Urban.

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"You know, when I first moved to town, oddly enough, there was a girl named Tammy Rose who sort of took new artists under their wing when they first moved to town and Garth Brooks was a friend of hers," Tim told Keith.

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"I was a friend of hers," Tim said.

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"Tracy Lawrence was a friend of hers. And so when she got married, she asked Garth, me and Tracy Lawrence to be her bridesmaids," Tim went on. He added that at that time, Garth had "had just blown up, big" but Tim didn't have any music out just yet.

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"So we're all bridesmaids at this wedding for Tammy and I'm standing there," Tim went on.

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"I'm sort of in awe. Garth was there and I'm sort of in awe of Garth being there," Tim said, adding that he told Garth, "You know, I just want to thank you Garth, because you knocked the door down for all the things that I wanted to do as a country singer."

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"He goes, 'Look, we all moved to town for that reason. I just got here first,'" Tim recalled.

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"And I thought that that was really sweet of him to say that, but really, really perceptive of him to say that too, as well, because we were all thinking those sorts of things," Tim went on.

What an amazing story! It must've been one hell of a bachelorette party!

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