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Judy Blume's Iconic 'Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret' Is Finally Getting A Movie

When it comes to classic, coming-of-age novels, few were as important and influential as anything written by Judy Blume.

While the world seems to be filled with things that are getting a reboot, a revival, or a rebrand, it's nice to see that one of Judy's most beloved books is just getting a MOVIE!

I can't think of ONE of my friends that didn't obsess over Judy Blume's books growing up.

She was the most important young adult author and I remember our school library could hardly keep her books on the shelves!

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Now, a whole new generation of Blume fans are about to be CONVERTED, as one of the most beloved books is about to be made into a movie!

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret is about to come alive on-screen and the cast looks absolutely incredible!

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As fans of the novel know, the 1970 classic has been praised for its diverse and important discussions surrounding religion and young adult conflicts.

It was important feminist literature before we even realized it!

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So far, we know QUEEN Kathy Bates and Rachel McAdams are set to star as Margaret's mother and grandmother.

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The titular role of Margaret Simon will be played by Abby Ryder Fortson, as per Entertainment Weekly.

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Directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, the film is set to be one of the most highly anticipated of the year.

"Kathy Bates has given us so many memorable, iconic characters,” said Kelly, as per Deadline. "Whether it’s comedy or drama, she is perpetually captivating on-screen. I’m thrilled to employ her extraordinary talents on this film I care so much about."

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The sentiments were echoed by Lionsgate’s president of Production, Erin Westerman.

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"We’re thrilled to be working with a talent like Kathy. As she joins Abby and Rachel, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret will be a special multi-generational moviegoing moment and the kind of entertainment that really creates a chance for mothers, daughters, and granddaughters to celebrate what it means to grow up and come of age,” she said.

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Miss Judy Blume herself has vocalized her excitement about the all-star cast.

About landing Rachel and Abby, the 83-year-old wrote: "It's really happening! Exciting to see the cast come together. Off to a great start with Abby and Rachel."

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Judy was so excited about Kathy Bates, giving her a shoutout on Twitter, too!

"The incredible @MsKathyBates will be playing Sylvia Simon, Margaret’s grandma, in the movie based on 'Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.' Kathy Bates! Cannot wait to see her in this role," she tweeted.

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Also, can we please take a moment for Miss Judy's Twitter bio? Talk about being on brand!


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Naturally, fans are BEYOND excited to see the beloved novel come to life 50 years later!

After the crazy year we've all had, some feel-good, girl power literature is what we ALL need right now!

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Shooting is set to start next month, which means we're even closer to this dream project than we thought!

It will be exciting to see a whole new generation fall in love with this classic story!

Are you looking forward to seeing the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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