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Sorry, But Celebrities Shouldn't Be Shamed For Having Large Families

Rae Batchelor

I'll admit that I'm not above criticizing celebrities from time to time — I don't think any of us can go our whole lives without commenting on something a celebrity has done that we find silly or don't agree with.

There is a difference in making a joke about a celebrity haircut and trying to shame them for making family decisions you don't agree with, though, and it's time we learn the difference!

There are a lot of celebrities who have really big families.

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Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria, for example, have six children! James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly have five children! Taylor Hanson, of the Hanson brothers, and his wife Natalie have seven kids — and honestly, that's none of our business!

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That doesn't mean that people mind their own business about it — when Taylor announced his wife was pregnant with their 7th child, they got a LOT of comments about it.

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"Oh god, another one?! Jesus Christ [that's] excessive lol," commented user @nikkibalzzz.

"Yikes... the world is literally on fire but keep having kids... it’s a good idea..." agreed @jennnnnnnUnw.

And they're not the only celebrities who have gotten judgement for having really big families.

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Alec Baldwin and his wife recently faced similar criticism.

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"Too many kids!!!" wrote on Instagram user when Alec announced they had welcomed a sixth child. "You need to stop having babies! Not good for the environment!" another comment read.

Here's the thing: it is literally none of our business how many children these celebrities (or literally anyone else) choose to have!

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Celebrities with lots of money are even better equipped to be able to take care of large families than most people!

Even if they weren't, there are loads of families of regular people with 6, 7, 8, or more children than manage just fine.

Family planning is one aspect of our lives that other people have absolutely no input on — if you were pregnant, you wouldn't be very happy to have a stranger question your ability to raise your child, and it's no different for celebrities!

Basically, we should leave these families alone, and wish them nothing but health and happiness!

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