Artist Creates 'Tom And Jerry' Rug Inspired By A Classic Cartoon Moment

Resin. Macramé. Crocheting. I'm not sure if you've noticed it, but the internet definitely goes through craft phases.

We're in a new era of craft right now, with crazy cool things being made out of really unexpected materials. For instance, have you ever seen a Tom and Jerry rug? Well, you're about to.

The internet's hottest craft is rug-making.

Unsplash | Kristin Wilson

Seriously, people on TikTok are going crazy for rug-making. It's a totally mesmerizing process to watch, and the results are always way more detailed than you'd expect!

One artist decided to make a rug based off of this iconic image.

An artist known as @nellaf on Twitter and the creator of RUGSODA, knew an opportunity when he saw one. After spotting this image, he decided to put his rug-making skills to use and create a replica of a very flattened Tom.


Not gonna lie, I would love to have this in my home. I love the little details, the different shades of his fur, and the amazing expression on his face! This is hilarious.

Shoutout to this person for posting the video it came from!

I hadn't seen the proper clip before, so thank you so much to @Shunny1911 for posting a video with Tom's iconic flattening in it. You're a real one, Shunny.

Users had some jokes about it.

I mean, PERHAPS. A rug runner and some grips would stop this from happening, just by the way. No worries. But try and tell me this tweet isn't hilarious.

Some had some hilarious ideas about new carpets.

Honestly, this one would be so funny. I'd love a rug of Tom all in a puddle. Sidebar, why did Tom get squished so much? What was happening there?

How cool does this look?

You don't even have to put him on the stairs if you don't want to. Have him hang out in your home as a piece of absolutely god tier decor.

This person echoes my thoughts completely.

Man, if I had steps, it would be OVER for y'all. I guess it would make a great carpet, too, but come on. The novelty is how he bends.

You can actually buy one now.

It's for sale on RUGSODA's website for $200. Before you scoff at the price, don't forget — handmade things are incredibly expensive and time-consuming to make!