TikTok Users Help Woman Fix Her DIY Disaster

If you ever tried your hand at a home improvement DIY project, you know that they might not always be as easy as they sound. That's precisely what happened to this one woman who shared her disaster DIY bathroom makeover on TikTok.

Thankfully, helpful folks who saw the video gave her some advice to fix her mess. And, believe it or not, it worked.

Shannon Huber had an idea to upgrade her boring bathroom.

Unsplash | Chastity Cortijo

So she decided to create an accent wall. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that's where things went wrong. Huber tried to use tape and black paint to do so.

She taped down the wall in angled lines and then painted the whole thing black.

The idea was to peel the tape off to reveal a cool pattern. However, when Huber did so, she realized that the clean lines she was striving for looked very messy.

As you can imagine, she was pretty horrified and disappointed indeed.

Even her husband laughed at her poor attempt at making over the bathroom. So out of desperation, she turned to TikTok in hopes of getting some advice from the folks there.

Thankfully, people started giving her lots of advice on how to "fix" her mistake.

The first good bit of advice she got was to paint the white lines over with a fine brush. That way, they will look straight. What a great idea, no?

Then people suggested that she add some gold lines to accent some of the lines.

Huber admits that she was hesitant about it at first. But then she decided to do it after all. She picked up a gold marker at a local store and went to town with it.

Here is what the wall looked like after she fixed it up.

She also ended up touching up some of the paint in the corners so it would all look a lot more polished. I think this is a much better effort, huh?

Not bad, huh? I like it too, but it is missing something, no?

People on TikTok gave her more ideas. For example, many of them suggested that she add some floating shelves, so to break up the pattern on the wall even further.

And that's exactly what she ended up doing.

Now, take a look at the finished wall. That's more like it. Am I right? I have to admit I dig it a whole lot better now. It looks quite polished and chic.

Have you ever done a home makeover that didn't quite work out for you?

Did you just give up, or did you end up fixing it somehow? I think it's so cool to have a community of people that can chime in with suggestions like this. It saved the day for this lady.