Creative Mom Turns Breast Milk Into Custom Jewelry Pieces

Brittany Rae

Breastfeeding is a brief, special time in a mother's life.

For some moms, that time is worthy of commemoration. Enter Logan Grey Breastmilk Jewelry! Founded by mother of two, Heather Timberlake, Logan Grey Jewelry is dedicated to preserving breast milk into gorgeous, opaque gem stones!

Heather got the idea for her company after the birth of her first son.

Logan was born in 2017. After his birth, Heather was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Because of those complications, she couldn't breastfeed him sufficiently.

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She heard about breastmilk jewelry at that time.

Why would anyone want to preserve their breastmilk?

"I was a little stand-offish about the idea at first. I thought it was a bit strange – but then once I was able to breastfeed Grayson it made sense," she told Metro UK.

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After successfully breastfeeding her second son, she totally got it.

"The lack of sleep, the amount of work that goes into breastfeeding – you don’t realize it until you have done it. It’s a physical reminder of this hard work and a brief time in your life that you can remember forever."

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And thus, Logan Gray Breastmilk Jewelry was born.

She got to work learning all about preserving breast milk, turning it into power, and how resin works. She then set up her website, and business immediately took off.

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She is so proud of what she's built.

"There are so many emotions that go into each bit of jewellery I make – some happy, some sad – but regardless, I want to make sure each piece is something the customer can be proud of."

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Oh, and the jewelery isn't made of her milk, of course.

"Because I’m a breastfeeding mum, several clients have assumed I’m using my own milk to make the jewellery, which isn’t the case – but it always makes me laugh."

The milk is provided by the customer!

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When they place their orders, Heather informs them how to send their milk over.

This makes the jewelry personalized to each mom, since it's made of her breast milk.

Each mom has a different reason for wanting their breast milk turned into jewelry, and some of them can be tragic.

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Some moms preserve the milk to remember something they lost.

"I’ve made jewellery for mums who can’t breastfeed because they have cancer and want to preserve some of their milk this way, or mums whose baby is no longer on earth and their breastmilk is the last physical thing they have of their child."

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What do you think?

If you're a nursing mom, is this something you'd consider doing to preserve those memories forever? What do you think about the idea? Let us know!

h/t Metro UK

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