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Restaurant Offers Free Meals To Anyone Who Needs One: 'We Don't Ask Any Questions'

For years, food insecurity has been a devastating issue for many people all over the world. Especially now during the pandemic, people have been struggling in ways they never imagined.

When people fall on hard times, kindness goes a long way.

One Virginia restaurant has gone above and beyond the call to provide any customers in need with free meals, hold the judgement.

This eatery started a free food initiative.

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As CNN reported, much like many other businesses across the country, Perfectly Franks in Norfolk struggled during the beginning of the pandemic and stayed afloat due to customer donations.

Once they found their bearings, owner Tarah Morris started an innovative for customers to provide food donations for those in need so they would be able to access free meals.

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The "Franks for Friends" bulletin board is where the magic happens.

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For those in need of a meal, they need only go to the "Franks for Friends" board, pick up a ticket from the board, and exchange it for a meal and drink.

The tickets are purchased by customers looking to make donations for people who may not otherwise be able to afford a meal on their own.

"Maybe COVID hit them really hard, or they're in between jobs — or maybe they're taking a meal for their neighbor," Morris told CNN. "We don't ask any questions."

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This community has truly come together to support one another.

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When the restaurant, staff members, and customers needed support, the community rallied behind them.

One loyal customer and friend to the restaurant donated $2,000 with the intention that $100 would go to each of the staff member who attended Old Dominion University.

Other donations and contributions have been given to help the customers continue to access food.

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For this restaurant, it's not about making money.

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While they need funds to help them serve the community, when it comes to asking people in need to pay, Perfectly Franks is not interested in adding to the many burdens they already face.

They've already given away over 100 meals and plan to keep going as long as there are people in need.

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