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12+ People Who Are Definitely Smarter Than The Rest Of Us

Have you ever stumbled upon an idea and thought, "The person who designed it must surely be a genius?" Sadly, it seems to happen to me all the time, ha, ha!

However, instead of getting mad about it, I actually enjoy finding such gems. And as it turns out, I'm not an anomaly after all. Get a load of these smarty-pants ideas and rejoice in them.

1. This Toaster With A View

Reddit | ai_is_ded1212

Wouldn't it be cool to have a toaster that lets you see the bread toasting? Who knew that such an invention does exist? Say hello to this nifty one with a window to boot.

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2. This Hot Sauce Vending Machine

Reddit | RemeberToDrinkWater

Who here loves to put hot sauce on almost everything? Me, me! I actually just had pizza with hot sauce on it. You never know when you might run out, but now there's a vending machine waiting for that time.

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3. This Button-Down Shirt

Reddit | kalimoo

Isn't it super annoying when you put on a button-down shirt, and the buttons look like they're about to pop off? Well, this one has buttons on the outside and inside for that very reason.

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4. This Cheese-Lover Hack


When you're a cheese aficionado, even a simple sandwich can be a piece of art. Check out how this person arranged the square cheese slice to fit this rectangular bread. I like the way they think, ha, ha!

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5. This Mushroom Cutting Hack

Reddit | Mr_Vorland

If you ever need to cut a lot of mushrooms, it can be a tedious job. But did you know that you can just use an egg slicer to do it? Wow, I did not know that at all.

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6. This Dog-Friendly Outdoor Hack

Reddit | u/merley724

If your dog is a little hesitant to do their business outside in the winter, don't worry. You can put a tarp on the pavement for smooth snow removal before the dog is ready to go.

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7. This Hotel Room Clock

Reddit | terminatorx4582

Is it just me, or do you always end up stretching your neck trying to read that time on a clock? Shouldn't there be a better way or what? Well, this hotel clock has a side view as well to save your neck.

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8. This Tool Protection Idea

Reddit | RoCNOD

Do you love hanging on your boat but hate losing tools when you need to fix something? No problem. Just do what these smart guys do. Use an upside-down umbrella to catch anything that might fall through.

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9. This Nifty Bench

Reddit | eat_toothpaste

What if all outdoor benches did double-duty? Well, this one actually comes with a solar charging station. Isn't that so cool? What a great way to transition to more solar energy in the future. Do you agree with me?

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10. This Dishwasher Timer

Reddit | organiksoulkv

Doesn't it always seem to take forever for your dishwasher to go through the washing cycle? Wouldn't it be cool if you knew exactly how long you had left? This one comes with a timer that projects on the floor. Aha!

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11. This WFH Hack

Reddit | AllG0nePeteT0ng

Working from home sure is a luxury. But nobody wants to be on the clock 24/7. Am I right? So it's no wonder some folks chained to their computers came up with a clever way to fool their boss.

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12. This Awesome Ruler

Reddit | 132kimh

I don't know about you, but I sometimes find it hard to read the millimeters on a ruler. So when I saw this one with cascading marks, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Don't you love it, too?

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13. This Ramen-Lover Trick

Reddit | iwasinfiniteonce

If you're a fellow ramen noodle-lover, you might appreciate this picture. This person's mom bought a CD rack, so she can store all the varieties of her ramen noodles. Wow, I've got to admit I'm pretty impressed.

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Oh my gosh, as they say, "You learn something every day."


And I definitely did. I love when smart people come up with even more clever inventions of a better way of doing something. I can't be alone in that, huh?

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