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Brilliant Pencils Contain Seeds To Plant Instead Of Throwing The Pencil Away

Brittany Rae

Boy, do I wish I'd had these in school!

Sprout Pencils are incredible, organic pencils that can actually be planted when you're done using them! Simply put them in a pot and watch them become gorgeous, healthy plants that you can be proud of!

The pencils are the brain child of Sprout World.


The capsule on the end contains the seeds! Once the pencil is too short to use, pop it cap-side down in some soil. The plant-based capsule will dissolve and the seeds will sprout!

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They come in different colors, too!


Their kid's edition pencils are colored pencils, which is the perfect way to get kids involved in sustainability! Let them color their hearts away, then teach them how to plant their pencils!

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It's not just pencils, either!

Sprout World

Believe it or not, Sprout created a plantable eyeliner! Made with a vegan formula, the eyeliner can be planted after you're done using it. It grows wild flowers!

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You can buy them on Amazon.

"By planting a Sprout pencil instead of just throwing it out, you can make sustainability visible to others. And inspire them to make small changes in their daily life," the company said.

You can find the pencils on Amazon.

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