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Teen Has Collected More Than 35,000 Pairs Of Shoes To Donate To Homeless People

While many people struggle every day, some people in the world face unique obstacles that make their daily lives even more difficult. One California teen realized that she had certain privileges that those without homes don't.

She could have done nothing to help solve some of the problems she noticed, but instead she decided to take a step in the right direction and help LA's homeless community get access to proper footwear.

In 2016, this teen decided that she wanted to grow into a giving adult.

In anticipation of her upcoming bat mitzvah, Lindsay Sobel decided that she wanted to do something for those in need.

As Daily News reported, she had been learning about the Los Angeles homeless community and their increasing need for shoes. So, Sobel took action.

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She created her own outreach program called "Shoes for Souls."

For part of her bat mitzfah, Sobel chose for her Tikkun Olam — an “act of repairing the world" — to be dedicated to forming her own outreach program that provides shoes to homeless people in Southern California.

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Sobel went to work gathering as many pairs of shoes as possible for those in need.

At only 12 years old, Sobel created Shoes for Souls and rallied community members to come together for a powerful cause.

She noticed that many of the homeless people in Los Angeles owned worn down shoes or in many cases, didn't have shoes at all. Luckily, with the help of her family, volleyball team members and donations, she helped them access good quality shoes.

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She was also passionate about getting to know the communities she served.

Her community charity outreach isn't just about doing a good deed for the sake of it. Sobel also wanted to get to know the people she was working to help. During a visit to Mission Beach, Sobel met some of the people that benefitted from her shoe donations and how her kind soul uplifted the community.

Sobel has continued her footwear charity, and the Shoes for Souls website estimates that since 2016, Sobel has collected and donated more than 35,000 pairs of shoes to the homeless.

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h.t: Daily News

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