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Fans Are Divided After First Look At Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana Engagement Ring

Taylor Sakellis

There are few people more iconic and instantly recognizable than Princess Diana. Not only was she truly the People's Princess, but she was a style icon and hero to millions.

Now, fans will get an intimate look at Lady Diana Spencer's life in the upcoming biopic Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart. However, things are already off to a rather shaky start.

Princess Diana's engagement ring from Prince Charles is one of the most recognizable pieces of jewellery ever.

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The couple became engaged in February 1981 with the news making international headlines.

Following the pair's divorce, Diana continued to wear the 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire —an iconic move made by an even more iconic woman.

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The ring has since been passed down to Diana's son William's wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.


Prince William proposed to his future wife using the heirloom ring back in November 2010.

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Fans recently got a first look at the infamous sapphire engagement ring that will presumably be used in the film.

In the newly released promo shots, Kristen is seen rocking the signature Diana blonde bob, plaid jacket, and of course, her iconic engagement ring.

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Everyone knows what this ring is supposed to look like, so when fans saw Kristen's replica, the reactions were mixed, to say the least.

Some fans felt Kristen totally captured Diana's essence in the new photos, and that she looked just like her, too!

Others did not have that loving feeling and made that clear on Twitter!

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Besides the critiques about the wig and makeup, Kristen's ring was by far the most controversial topic.

The sapphire blue stunner has been replicated by cheap costume shops for decades now, it really wouldn't be hard to find a decent one!

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To aid in your ability to judge the ring, I've zoomed in on it for you:

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The color doesn't nearly have enough depth! The setting looks all wrong! Also, there are three bands?!

Make this make sense!

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It would not be hard to find an exact replica online... literally it would take two seconds on Etsy.

"I have a better replica myself and I don’t have a budget not even close to theirs," tweeted one fan.

"Were they even trying? You can only get it this wrong on purpose," agreed another.

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Since I am a dedicated journalist, I decided to put my money where my mouth is.


I went on my own Esty journey and as predicted, I found a better replica within seconds.

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The prices range anywhere from $50 to over $2,000! But again, this is a HOLLYWOOD budget we're working with, sweeties.


As someone that personally owns a Princess Diana replica ring, I know how easy they are to find!

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Sadly, it wasn't just the ring that wasn't making sense for fans...

"I'm not seeing Diana. She looks more like a 90s corporate executive. LOL," tweeted one critic.

"She has a jaded look about her. Diana, at that time, radiated innocence," echoed another.

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However, the feedback wasn't all negative! Some fans really didn't seem to think the ring was that bad!


I just hope they end up using a different ring for the movie — it's such an important detail!

What do you think of the replica? Let us know in the comments below!

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