Quotes That Are The Very Definition Of 'Friendship Goals'

There are some friendships that are only for a season, others that are casual, and then there's your hardcore, ride or die crew that will let you vent, accompany you on any adventures, and also tell you what you need to hear.

These quotes are for those of us who know that our friends are the very definition of "friendship goals," and we absolutely love it.

1. This for everyone who knows the distinction between "friends" and "besties."

Our normal friends don't want to impose or assume anything but our best friends jump into our plans without a second thoughts and know it's a total "no duh" situation for them to tag along.

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2. Here's one for those best friends who are united by the beauty of mutual hate.

There's nothing quite as powerful as meeting someone with a burning hate for something that matches the ferocity of your own.

It's pretty much the best bonding experience there is.

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3. Then, there's one for our besties who also work as life coaches.

For all of us with best friends who don't play, there's nothing like the need for friends to screen our messages and help us prep a reply.

When one of us is talking to a potential bae, we're all talking to that potential bae.

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4. Finally, here's one for anyone with friends who can always adapt to suit any situation.

There's no beating the buds who can know just about everything that you'd never tell other people, and then pretend they have no idea out of loyalty. They'll listen to the drama without adding more of it to your life.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.

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