15+ People Who ‘Fixed’ Things And Made Them Funnier

There are very few things that can't be improved upon in this world, be it to make them funnier or just downright stranger!

So, from people who turned their car bonnet into a constantly evolving work of art to people whose tattoos became remarkably self-aware, here are 15+ people who "fixed" things and made them funnier!

"I draw doodles on sticky notes at work. One of my coworkers decided to add their own."

Can you spot which one that you think that the coworker may have added? It's hard to tell as they're all so incredible!

"The best way to add Ant-Man to your Marvel tattoo."

This is a great little addition! I cannot imagine ever committing to a movie franchise enough to get a tattoo of it, but this is the way to do it I guess.

"My girlfriend added stickers to her pregnant belly, and I'm crying."

I cannot stop picturing Kirby whenever I look at this amazing picture! The expression is priceless!

"At work today I secretly watched a fifth grader add the letter 'F' to art and quietly snicker to himself all the way back to class. Classic."

Ah it is so good to see that kids are still employing the classics! There's nothing like making a word say "Fart" when you're a kid!

"I'm gonna add this to my 'Things I didn't know I wanted list.'"

What happens in a person's life to think that this is what they want to make out of two dead animals? I'm not judging, I'm just incredibly amazed!

Daily Custom Hoods!

This person explained, "I don't have any drawing background. It started with an interest in cars. Fixing scratches, touching up paint. I painted my hood in chalkboard paint and love every minute drawing on it!"

"Lisa Simpson!"

Now they just need someone to draw in a Bleeding Gums Murphy above her in a cloud!

"My boyfriend fell down our stairs on our first Thanksgiving together. Instead of fixing the hole, we got creative."

My guess is that this was the result of one too many afternoon glasses of wine, that's what all holiday celebrations result in in my experience!

"Good as new!"

So long as it still plays I cannot see anything wrong with this! Also, this guy should apply for a job at Nintendo, as that Mario face is a work of art!

Chrome Finish!

That is one hell of a nice paint job! It almost looks like they've done it with tape, amazing detail on the paintwork!

"Clever Co-worker likes to add to the CEO's 'inspirational' quote of the day."

I don't even really understand the first quote that the boss put up? What if your job is slaying dragons?!

"Daughter turned 1 yesterday! Instead of having her pick our here future career (Korean Tradition), she picked something more important... Her starter Pokemon."

This is by far the most important choice that any person will ever make. The correct answer is Squirtle...don't @ me.

"My niece and nephew passed out, added empty beer bottles, turned out great I think!"

Pfft, what lightweights! Kids these days need to learn how to handle their damn alcohol!

A Wild Man Appears!

The person who posted this explained, "Thankful to this unknown man for striking a pose and for not messing with my camera set up after he stumbled upon it. Also added, a bobcat using the log just a couple weeks prior."

"Any other complaints, Bob?"

The smiley face on the end really adds to the note of spiteful sarcasm! Got to admire the gall of this!

"Updated my wall art to be more relevant."

But where is the little digger? That little guy was admirably trying his darnedest to help out!

"I like to find thrift store gems, add my own personal touch, then leave them in inconspicuous places around my friend's houses."

A twee little cherub-esque figurine cross-stitching wildly aggressive phrases is exactly the kind of vibe that I want for my house.

"Waiting for my car to get fixed. This is not a good sign."

Judging on how long I have had to wait in garages before, you'll be through that before you get your car back easily.

"Character growth, but make it permanent!"

It is important to be able to realise and accept the mistakes you make in your youth as you get older! It's not fun...but it's necessary!

"I let my cousin cut my hair during the quarantine... Turns out I'm a Beltcher."

Well, on the plus side, you now have a great idea as to what you can go as for Halloween!