Quotes For When Your Favorite TV Show Is Other People's Drama

Caitlyn Clancey

Is it just me, or don't you just love other people's drama?

Seriously, there's something about sitting back and watching someone else's life burn that helps distract you from your own dumpster fire of an existence. Maybe I'm really nosey, but I just can't get enough drama, especially if it's about someone IRL and not on my TV screen.

If your favorite show also just so happens to be other people's business, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

1. It may be cold outside but the tea is hot.

As soon as I think I can hear people fighting outside, I whip my window open, position myself right below it, and prepare myself to hear both sides before determining who's right and who's wrong.

That's what I call the perfect Sunday afternoon.

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2. Let's gossip about this together.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to covertly sharing drama with other people.

Pro tip: never screenshot a Snapchat conversation because they get that notification. If you really want to spill some tea, you need to invest in a second phone exclusively for taking pictures of your main phone's screen.

It's an investment, but a worthwhile one.

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3. You don't think I'm listening, but I am.

The best part about being a quiet, unassuming kid in high school was being able to eavesdrop on everyone's conversations.

Tyler dumped Erin over text and started dating Laura? Noah got caught cheating on the calculus exam and can't go on the senior trip to Palm Springs? Chelsea and Gabrielle had a fight during lunch and aren't talking anymore?


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4. Thanks for the entertainment.


I'll put up with your embarrassing maternity photo shoots and your pyramid scheme posts if it means I also get to know what happened with your baby daddy last week.

Sometimes people are just way better than TV, aren't they?

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