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Dick Van Dyke, 95, Spotted Handing Out Cash To People In Need In Malibu

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It's hard to get any better than an absolute legend and icon in the comedy world, in the television world, in the writing world, in the dancing world, and in the movie world. If you think you can name someone more talented in more areas than Dick Van Dyke, feel free to do so! I'll wait.

Dick Van Dyke is a Hollywood legend.

Best known for his performances in Bye Bye Birdie and Mary Poppins as well as his hugely successful television comedy show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Dick has been a staple in Hollywood since the '40s!

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There's no overstating how celebrated Dick has been over his career.

Dick has won five Emmys, a Tony, a Grammy, was inducted into the Television Hall Of Fame, and received the SAG Life Achievement Award, so it's safe to say he's a pretty big deal.

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There's one more thing Dick should be celebrated for: his generosity.

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The Daily Mail recently spotted Dick at the Malibu Community Labor Exchange, which is a non-profit organization designed to help the unemployed find work. Of course, Dick wasn't there looking for work — he was handing out money!

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Dick was photographed handing out wads of cash to those seeking jobs!

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What an amazing incentive to continue looking for work, and what an amazing gesture of generosity from Dick Van Dyke!

I don't know what I'd be more excited about — meeting Dick Van Dyke, or getting a huge chunk of cash!

h/t: Daily Mail

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