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Girl Scouts Are Setting Up DIY 'Vending Machines' To Safely Sell Their Cookies

As the pandemic drags on, it's unfortunately bad news to some small businesses and small-time entrepreneurs. If you rely on face-to-face selling, there's no doubt you've had some challenges.

The same can be said about the Girl Scouts. Every year they bring their cookies right to your door. So what are they supposed to do now? Well, check out this brilliant idea.

One thing I like about the Girl Scouts is that they teach young girls how to be mini-entrepreneurs.

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After all, it takes some skills to sell all of your Girl Scout cookies, no? These young ladies are developing important life skills.

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As you know, you can get Girl Scout cookies through face-to-face interactions.

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So I can't imagine how much of a challenge the pandemic must have thrown upon these opportunities. I bet all those girls felt quite devastated to be unable to bring the joy of cookies to everybody.

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But leave it to the Girl Scouts to come up with a clever solution.

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I mean, they do teach them a thing or two in the program. So I'm not surprised these girls just had to come up with something.

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What did they come up with, you ask?

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Voilà! I present to you a Girl Scout vending machine. OMG, ha, ha — isn't that totally genius? What a brilliant idea. I can't tell you how much I love this. So fun!

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Now, Girl Scouts can still participate in face-to-face interactions,but they can do it safely.

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So nobody can feel scared to approach them to buy those delicious Girl Scout cookies, and they don't have to miss out on seeing all the joy.

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Why should the kids miss out on all the educational and fun things they're used to doing?

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As you can see here, all you need is some ingenuity and hard work. I wonder how long it took to construct this booth?

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Check out this cute idea here.

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I admit it's not as fancy as the other ones, but I'll take it. Any way, I can get my hands on cookies sounds good to me. There never is just one way of doing something.

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And look at all these proud girls here posing in front of their cool vending machine.

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I bet they had loads of fun dispensing goodies to everyone all day long. By the looks of it, they also made some sweet dough.

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So would you be okay with your kids doing something like this to sell their cookies?

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I think it's not only totally safe but shows such initiative and creativity. They could keep this booth even after the pandemic is all over.

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