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Toddler Waves At UPS Drivers Everyday, So They Surprised Him With His Own 'Truck'

Sometimes it's the seemingly small gestures in life that ultimately leave the greatest impacts. That certainly was the case for one toddler who waved to UPS drivers everyday and made quite the warm impression.

Those same UPS drivers were so touched by his admiration that they decided to give a special thank you to their biggest fan, and it included the cutest, smallest UPS truck ever.

Marco was a fan of the UPS trucks.

As Good Morning America reported, 2-year-old Marco Elizondo is a long time admirer of UPS trucks, so his mom decided to take her son for walks near the UPS facility, so he could wave at the trucks and drivers.

Before long, little Elizondo was waving at the UPS drivers every day from his stroller in Chula Vista, California.

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This young UPS enthusiast quickly became well-known.

Like clockwork, every day, UPS drivers were ready to say hello to bright-eyed Elizondo as he gazed at them in wonder.

The UPS workers decided to do something special for the toddler to say thank you for making them feel like rock stars each and every day.

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The UPS team made a custom mini truck.

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26-year-old UPS driver, Mike Thornberry and his fellow UPS truck drivers worked together to build Elizondo his own mini UPS vehicle.

They even customized it to include a fake serial number with the numbers 5218, for Elizondo's birthdate.

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Elizondo decided to start delivery packages with his new truck.

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At only 2-years-old, Elizondo's dream career is already taking off, and he's been absolutely thrilled to ride about his in his sweet gift. Some people say it's never wise to meet your heroes but in this case, we'd say it was one of the best choices in this little one's life so far.

Let us know what you think of this heart warming story in the comments and if you were touched by this toddlers love for UPS.

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