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Stray Dog Rescued From Frozen River Gets Adopted By Man Who Saved His Life

There's nothing quite like a happy ending after a high-stakes situation, and this happily ever after definitely takes the feel-good cake.

As PEOPLE reported, a stray dog was saved from a frozen river and then given a new home from the very man responsible for rescuing him. It doesn't get much more heroic (or much more adorable) than this.

The dog was in danger when he became stuck on the ice of the Detroit River.

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It was a difficult time for this dog when the 12-month-old pup was chased by a coyote onto the perilous, icy tundra of the Detroit River.

The poor dog was stuck on the ice for four long days.

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Thankfully, a man came to the rescue.

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Jude Mead, a J&J Marine employee, and his team used an airboat to save the dog.

They braved the icy river to find the poor pup severely frostbitten and dehydrated. Fortunately, he was was rescued and received immediate medical attention.

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This dog went from rescue to relocation to his new home.

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The pup was brought to Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter soon after his rescue. It wasn't long before Mead inquired about adopting the very dog he had just rescued.

While there were some other interested applicants, none could show their love for the dog quite like the very man who saved him.

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It was one very happy ending.

While not everyone believes in fate, there is just something about how all of the stars aligned for this heartwarming outcome. Most fittingly, Mead named the dog "Miracle" to pay homage to his resilient dog that survived all the odds.

Let us know what you think of this inspiring story in the comments and if you believe it was fate.


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