People Online Are Divided After Manicurist Advertises Baby Manicures

Lex Gabrielle

Sometimes, people like to try new things that no one else does — like new trends and beauty ideas. But, when they do it to themselves it's one thing. When they do it to their babies, well, that's an entirely different story.

Many new parents like to experiment with clothes with their new babies.

Unsplash | Minnie Zhou

From fun outfits and funky looks, having a baby is partly fun because you get to dress them up and do their "look" just the way you want.

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But, some people online sometimes take it a little too far.


Putting on a cute outfit for your baby is one thing, but putting on a full set of nails for your newborn may not be the greatest idea for them.

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Every new parent knows that long nails on a baby is a "no-no."

Unsplash | Seif Eddin Khayat

All parenting websites and blogs share that cutting your newborn's nails is important to ensure that they do not hurt themselves.

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Long nails on babies can lead to problems.

Unsplash | Jason Moyer

Longer nails on babies can lead to scratching their face or other parts of their body, or even hurting their eyes.

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That's why many parents opt to keep their babies' nails very short.

Unsplash | Seif Eddin Khayat

Some new parents even use mittens and little cloth items to keep their hands covered when they are young.

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And, according to most experts, babies need their nails cut frequently.

Unsplash | Kseniia Ilinykh

Overall, the vast majority of parenting experts say that newborn nails grow quickly and should always be tended to.

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Recently, however, Reddit came across a Facebook post about a nail stylist who specializes in baby nails.

Unsplash | Chelson Tamares

The Facebook post, which was shared to Reddit, showed an anonymous Facebook account that was advertising "baby manicures."

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The nails were not just freshly cut nails for a little one.


Instead, these nails looked like a set that Cardi B might be wearing out at a concert. Colorful, sharp, and on point. Maybe for mom, but for a baby? They seem a little over-the-top.

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Reddit users were totally divided over the post.

Giphy | WWE

Some online said it's so trashy and that it looks "cheap" and "stupid." Many could not stop cringing.

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Several Reddit users pointed out how "dangerous" this is for kids.

Unsplash | Aditya Romansa

"You forget to cut your kids' nails once... and you don't forget again! This sort of nonsense is going to end in f****** bloodshed," one person pointed out.

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Another said kid's nails are already dangerous without fake ones.


"That's a deadly weapon without the fake nails. Now it's a weapon of mass destruction," one person added.

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Others found some humor in it.

Unsplash | Nyana Stoica

"Why does that look like it could be the opening shot of a horror movie about demonic, yet fabulous, babies?" one person asked.

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But, many believe that the photos are totally photoshopped.

Giphy | VH1

"Judging by all four pictures being the exact same picture with the only difference being the nails, and the lack of shadows/light where it should be on the nails, I’d say with full confidence that this is photoshopped. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, folks," one person added.

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Even if these nails are photoshopped, they definitely sparked a lot of debate online.

Unsplash | Fé Ngô

Many were arguing whether or not the person who posted them was a "good parent" or "safe to be around kids."

What do you think about these baby manicures?

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