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Company Takes Food Left Behind By People Moving And Donates It To Food Banks

Each year when people move, they leave behind various items. From clothing to furniture, perfectly good resources are abandoned, perhaps to save room during the move or simply because they didn't make the cut for the new house.

One of the most important and most frequent things that regularly goes to waste during a move is food.

A moving man noticed the astonishing amount of quality food that people were leaving behind when they left their sold homes. So he decided that he would do what he could to ensure that none of it gets wasted, especially when there are so many people out there who are hungry and in need.

In 2009, Adam Lowy made the startling discovery about food waste.

While working for his family's moving company in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Lowy noticed the alarming amount of non-perishable food items that were thrown in the trash by departing homeowners.

As TODAY reported, he became concerned about how much food could be going to those in need instead of the dump, so he took action.

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Lowy was inspired to create his non-profit organization, Move for Hunger.

In addition to helping people move, Lowy began collecting non-perishable donations from those who no longer needed their food items when moving. All they have to do is set their unopened donations aside, and Move for Hunger ensures everything gets picked up and donated.

Within the first month alone, the organization collected over 300 pounds of food to donate to a food bank.

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This was life-changing for Lowy and the communities that he serves.

Lowy's life changed when he first visited a food bank. It wasn't until he started donating food that he learned that over 100,000 people in his hometown of Monmouth County regularly go without food.

Before long, Lowy's vision expanded into a network of around 1,000 moving companies in Canada and the United States. As of writing, the organization has collected and donated more than 22 million pounds of food.

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Move for Hunger is looking to help in any way possible.

The organization has established partnerships with food banks, management companies and apartments while continuing to work with moving families and accepting donations from many sources. They also value community awareness and offer educational resources on food insecurity.

Let us know what you think of 'Move for Hunger' in the comments and if you think they're working for a positive cause.

h/t: TODAY

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