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People Are Making DIY Swimming Pools Out Of Hay Bales

One thing that excites me about buying a new house is extra space for a backyard pool. That is indeed my dream. However, we all know swimming pools are expensive AF.

So when I stumbled upon this cool idea to DIY one on the cheap, I was all ears. Once you see this concept, you can get started on making your pool ASAP.

I don't know about you, but I could live in a pool in the summer, ha, ha!

Unsplash | Conner Baker

Besides chilling on a beach, a swimming pool is the next best thing. Unfortunately, I don't have one, nor do I know anyone who does.

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What if I told you that you, too, can create a backyard pool for less?

Unsplash | Drew Dau

If you can believe it, folks are making pools using hay bales. OMG, what? Is this really a thing? As it turns out, it actually is, ha, ha!

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Wow, who knew that was even an option, huh?

Unsplash | Nick Page

Okay, so here's what you will need — 14 bales of hay or straw bales, a large tarp, a water source, and heavy-duty tape. Doesn't that sound totally doable or what?

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Here's what you need to do first.

Instagram | @everydayfarmwifelife

Lay the bales out on the ground where you want your pool to be. For a rectangular one, use four bales on two sides and three bales on the two ends. Got it?

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Then you will need to cover the bales with a tarp.

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Make sure you tuck the sides of the tarp underneath the outside edge of the bales. Now just wrap a rope around the exterior of the pool to help hold the tarp in place.

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You can then use the heavy-duty tape to patch up any holes that may arise.

Instagram | @rosiethomasofficia

Word to the wise — straw and hay can be sharp and can puncture your tarp. So make sure you patch any holes before you pour the water.

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Can you believe it's as easy as that?

Facebook | iRadio

I had no idea this was even possible. What a great and affordable solution to make a swimming pool in your very own backyard. It definitely looks like a lot of fun.

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If you want to make your pool look a lot more polished and fancier, check this out.

YouTube | GoTropicalUK

You can build a wooden structure around it too. Wow, isn't that so nice or what? It looks like professionals did it. I love this idea.

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Did you know about this idea to use hay bales to create a backyard pool?

Giphy | dockandbay

Or did I just blow your mind? Ha, ha! I can't get over how easy and doable this looks. I want to make one this summer.

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