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People Can Achieve Their Curly Hair Goals Using A Bathrobe

Sarah Kester

Perfect curls don't come from your curling iron or even the hair salon. They come from your closest.

That's right. This latest hair hack on TikTok has people getting stunning results from their bathrobe. And the best part is, it's completely heatless!

If you're ready to get gorgeous curls while you sleep, it's time to disrobe.

TikTok has become the place to get cool life hacks.

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We've learned everything from beauty hacks to life hacks to everything in between. It's perfect for those who want to make their lives so much easier.

Like this chip and dip hack that will make your next Netflix binge all the more enjoyable.

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Or this hack for folding the perfect towel.

Instagram | @mama_mila_au

@Mama_mila_au taught users how to fold their towels like a pro. You do two easy folds, a flip and a roll and tuck.

The end result makes your towels look like they belong at a day spa!

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Looking to level up your beauty routine? You better believe there are hacks for that.

TikTok | @blaxvs

TikTok user @blaxvs introduced people to putting soap on their brows as a way to keep them looking glossy and in place.

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You may have also seen people posting videos with bathrobes on their heads.

TikTok | @bacardibri123

No, they haven't gone insane.

They're simply trying out the latest hair hack that's causing people to ditch their curlers in lieu of heatless curls!

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Excited to give it a try? Your hair will thank you.

TikTok | @bacardibri123

Start by parting your hair down the middle, all the way down to the base of your neck.

Then, taking the belt from your bathrobe, drape it over the top of your head.

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Twirl your hair around your bathrobe belt until it looks like the picture on both sides.

TikTok | @bacardibri123

Tip: your hair should be completely brushed out and smooth.

You can also twirl the hair around in pieces or in one chunk.

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The end result should look like this:

TikTok | @bacardibri123

And your face should also look like this: MIND BLOWN.

This wasn't a one-off, either. So many people have recreated these gorgeous curls to incredible results. It's the perfect lazy girl hack!

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If you don't want to go the bathrobe route, there is another option for heatless curls that involves a sock.

TikTok | @rosespritz

Simply section your hair (damp works best) into four sections, clip the sock at the top of your head, and twirl the hair around the sock like you did with the bathrobe.

Catch the full tutorial here.

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Whether you go with a sock or bathrobe for heatless curls, the end result will be STUNNING.


Also think of how much time you'll save in the morning!

Tell us: Do you think you'll give this hack a try? Let us know in the comments!

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