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Martha Stewart Doesn't Have Time For 'Proposals And Propositions': 'I'm A Very Busy Person'

Rae Batchelor

If you're like me and have been sitting around wondering why Martha Stewart hasn't answered your DMs, I have the answer you've been waiting for — but I'm not sure you're going to like it.

Martha spoke to Howie Mandel on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently about the surge of responses she got to a selfie she shared last year.

Martha made headlines last year when she shared this sizzling pool selfie in July.

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When Howie Mandel asked her about the "thirst trap" she had shared, Martha revealed she wasn't even sure what the term "thirst trap" meant.

“You want to know something, Howard? I don’t even know what it means now. What does it mean?,” she asked.

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Howie did his best to explain.

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“You’re a thirst trap. You look hot and I couldn’t stop looking at the picture. Look at you. Look at you. You’re stunning. And you’re amazing,” Howie added.

Howie said that Martha must've gotten a lot of people requesting "Zoom dates" with her after sharing the picture.

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As expected, Martha said that was true — but she hasn't responded to any of them!

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“Oh, I got so many proposals and so many — you know — propositions,” Martha added. “But I had to ignore all of them. I’m a very busy person," she explained.

I guess I'll just have to nurse my broken heart in private!

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Howie then asked if Martha was on "FansOnly."

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Howie was likely referring to OnlyFans, a website where many creators share racy or lewd content, but either way, Martha said no.

At least she knows she's got a good back-up career if she ever needs one!

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