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Keep Wasps And Bees Away This Summer With A Natural Repellant

Sarah Kester

There are so many wonderful things to look forward to now that warmer is here: beach days, t-shirt season, and ice cream.

The not-so-great things? BUGS. While mosquitos are annoying, it's bees and wasps that you really have to worry about.

Thankfully, the internet has discovered a natural repellant you can make right at home.

Since bugs are so, well, annoying, the internet is chock-full of useful hacks!

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Like using peppermint essential oil to keep the pesky buggers away.

There's something about its smell that they find offensive. Simply dilute it into a spray and apply it all over.

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Mosquitos are especially annoying during the summer months.

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You could be enjoying a night around a campfire when — bam! — you're bitten. Then you're left scratching all night.

Well, no more, if you use lemon eucalyptus oil. Don't believe us? Just check out this recommendation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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You could buy an already-made repellant or make your own, using this recipe by

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They say to add these ingredients to a mixing container: 30 drops of lemon eucalyptus oil, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, four ounces of witch hazel.

Mix everything together into a spray bottle to use.

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Anyone who's ever loathed fruit flies crowding their homes in the summertime has definitely made a fruit fly repellant.

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Feel like the Kevin Mccallister of bug traps by adding apple cider vinegar into a glass and covering the opening with plastic wrap and a rubber band.

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From there, poke small holes in the plastic.

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Fruit flies won't be able to resist the smell of the sweet apple cider vinegar. Once they're inside, the plastic wrap will keep them trapped. Problem solved!

You could also store your fruit inside your refrigerator since, as the name says, they're attracted to the fruit.

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Bees and wasps are other annoying insects that may invade your home or backyard this summertime.

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Repel them naturally with two things you probably already have in your kitchen: lemons and cloves.

That's it! How easy could this be?! Turns out, these insects can't stand the smell.

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Here's how to make the repellant:

Grab a few lemons (the larger the better) and cut them in half. Then, grab whole cloves and, using the pointy side, stick them down into the lemon.

It's recommended that you use a lot of cloves in order for the repellant to be really effective.

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That's it. Easy as pie. Simply set out the clove-covered lemons wherever you'll need them.


On the kitchen counter, on the patio table, on the deck in the front yard. Maybe even your garden!

No more running away from wasps that love to chase. Now, they'll simply avoid you entirely.

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Now that you know this awesome hack, will you give it a try?

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It will certainly make your spring/summer that much more relaxing. Plus, if you try any of the bug hacks with essential oil, you'll smell great.

Let us know if you'll be trying the wasp and bee natural repellant or if you have any other insect hacks!

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