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Add A Rosy Touch To Your Houseplant Collection With 'Pink Symphony' Caladium

Brittany Rae

Here is my very big, very controversial opinion: Plants are just better when they're pink.

I mean, most things are better when they're pink. But plants in particular are, because pink and green just look great together. If you're in agreement, then the Caladium Pink Symphony might be the plant for you.

Check this absolute babe of a plant out.

She is gorgeous! This is the Caladium Pink Symphony, a tropical perennial that looks like Barbie's dream plant. I want one of these in my house right now.

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Caring for them will take a little work.

Pink symphonies like a warm, moist environment. Keeping the humidity up and the soil damp is key to allowing them to thrive. Make sure you have very good drainage to avoid root rot.

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Luckily, they don't need direct sunlight.

In fact, they're perfectly happy in the shade! It will go dormant in dry weather, so you might need a humidifier to keep your plant happy year-round.

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So, where can you get one?

Etsy, of course! All good things come from Etsy, let's be real. You can get a bulb of Caladium from GreenMillennium on Etsy for $4.50. You can choose to have it shipped now, or in the spring!

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